Dad And You

It went into a small lane, where it and the mother was handicapped for more than five years. The small shadow of scolding under the golden light makes it feel lonely more than ever. At the age of sixteen it was not a mistake, it was unleashful, always sleating with the old shorts and a gray T-shirt. The hair cut neatly like a boy but the front covered his eyes, it didn't want anyone Seeing it clearly, uncomfortable love, so there is no friend, but because it works well so they likes to hire. It does everything and everything is good, the two mother daughter lives on the day, it also has to spend less money when she is sick

. For it, she is the only relative it has, so how much I love you. His mother was quite young, she was blind but was a beautiful man, even though the poverty makes her faint in the old sets of old wings, but the charming indeed one-time is still clear in white skin, pair Black eyebrows curved like drawing, sexy late mouth. It's like her mother like the cost of uniformity and deliberate sleazes, causing few people to recognize that
Mother's memory is blind due to a fire, she was found when fainted in a fiery house, It asks to go to school so it doesn't get anything. He followed his mother to go to this neighborhood and hired the house of the owner to sell the bottle in temporary, and he was very smart to find a calf to feed his mother. Neighbors are as poor as their mother should help what can be. He didn't remember his father, she went from when it was three years old and there was no news she didn't tell him to listen, every time he asked his mother to cry. Today, it goes home Unhappiness, this morning when it is cleaning up the owner's clothing stalls he hears a lady's guest asking about it: - Do you know anyone children? - Don't know if it doesn't have dad The mother was blind- I saw it seem like a old acquaintance. - It's overlooked - What's my name? - I don't know to ask it.Nghe the hostess said it rushed away to avoid, heart Inferiority makes it do not want anyone to know about its family and don't want to accept acquaintances. Going close to the house it feels settone when you see the door of the extended home, this is different from every day. Mother blinds should only sound around in the house and the door is always closed, he steps into the house and startled to see the guest acting on the morning talking to his mother. It scowers: - Who gave her to her house - this is my father's friend without mixture to scold it - I'm so big, so I'm sixteen-year-old, you're sixteen old, you're still very young people who look at it With affectionate looks: - It's very beautiful, my father, my father and I am happy to be happy, I'll let my father take it so I don't find my mother, naturally I see my father's eyes
She caught her voice to tell her mother and she heard about her father but he didn't remember his face according to people going to work cooperation, in the country of working hard to save for her family to go with her husband. , Dad is her husband's friend. Her husband and Dad beat the trade market and swore well. At that year, she was going to make the last trip back to her hometown, unfortunately the shipment was lost, because she regretted her chasing and was shot dead by the group. Her couple also returned to her hometown, bringing his father's money, looking for her mother but not because of the burner, his mother had moved. Mother crying fainted and he was silent because of his father. Leave his mother's picture on the table: - He gave her husband and sister with her picture to take with her, almost five years of finding forever, too much You can find a mother to hold the sobs: - Brother! He hugged her heavy pure, the guests said: - Tomorrow the couple will come to bring her and I go to the bank to transfer your money to you. He earned for more than five billion sisters still crying as if she didn't listen to her guests, it didn't know how much five billion but perhaps the money that mother and I would be full and my father was worried about his mother to live comfortably With your own life. It looks at the gratitude and thought: - Dad chose the right person to ask and it will consider her husband and wife like the second parents. It sobbed: - Dad! According to the village

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