‘dad Lost, Don’t Leave Us Again!’

Dad lost because of liver cancer. Mother has a last stage breast cancer. The sugarcane juice machine is the only property left to be stolen by the crook. There are nights, the two small children hugged their hands to say: 'Mom don't leave me to hear me!'. 0:00 / 3: 52 Nou NT NGUYEN THI BICH NGOC only teaches the youngest son

. Husband Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc (41 years old, Thôn Cầu La, Xã Ngọc Bay, Kon Tum City, Kon Tum) Meet us when he finally ended the 16th radiation. 2009, Ms. Ngoc married with Mr
Duong Van Hiep and had 2 children. Large grandchildren is Duong Van An (Grade 5). My little grandchild is Duong Viet Dung preparing to enter the class 1. To cover the family to cover the family life, every day she sells a roadside water so income is unstable. All living expenses are based on the salary of Mr. Hiep's officer. From a nimble, healthy person, in 2010, he suddenly Hiep was edema, tired. When examining the hospital, the doctor diagnosed him with hepatitis. Let's go for a while, Mr. Hiep's disease does not reduce but more and more
By 2018, after seeing the exam in Ho Chi Minh City Mr. Hiep Hiep Huong discovered I had the last stage liver cancer. In 2020, he died after 3 years of fighting the evil monster. After her husband's funeral, Ms. Ngoc suddenly poured ill. After many days of sick beds, Ms. Ngoc was sent to the hospital visit. Docators diagnose you with breast cancer in stage 3. From here, assets, valuable items in the house invite each other to wear hats. In order to have money to treat, Ms. Ngoc sold the house in Sa Thay district and transferred to the relative house. Due to expensive treatment costs, stable income is not available, Ms. Ngoc has to borrow money from brothers and friends to add 80 million VND. "I went through 8 times of chemotherapy, 16 times of radiotherapy, times Need to do not know where to make money for treatment. I don't know how long I live. Doctors only recommend trying to be optimistic, continue to be able to go or there, "Ms. Ngoc Tam. Mother, Mr. Duong Van An is usually subcursively doing the work, do not leave us but go! Jobs, every family's income only looked at Ms. Ngoc's roadside row. Ironically, during the healing days, the bad guy stolen her sugarcane press machine. Now, 3 children and children no longer know where to live. It seems to understand that the mother is ill, sick, the two children are also obedient, obedient. The days of away from home, An often helped Em Dung wash, clean the house and cook the dishwasher. EM Dung also knew the father swept the house, drying clothes. Even if the mother has treated his illness, two brothers and brothers, An still don't forget to work with their mother. "Seeing my mother sick, struggling with her mother's pain. I don't work with my mother to let my mother less strenuous. I hope my mother is healthy, live for us forever. I will try to study well, obediently, so don't leave us but go, "I am peace of mind. The only income from the sugarcane juice of Ms. Ngoc's family is also stealing the motor. Day struggling, fighting the evil monster, Ms. Ngoc only hoped to have peaceful sleeps with his two children. Ms. Ngoc remembers the nights, the children kept hugging their hands and said: "Grandpa with her father to the sky, don't leave us to hear me!" "Two children are too small, the big big school, kid Small prepared to enter the layer 1. then a morning if I miss it, don't know who worries for the children. Many times I thought about my life, this fate was too left. Now, 3 mothers only know how to live through the day. I can't do anything, so this time is primarily due to re-supporting relatives. I wish I was healthy, illnesses away from me, maybe you will have a better life, "Ms. Ngoc said in tears. Dong Phan Quoc Dung, Chairman of Ngoc Bay Commune People's Committee said, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc is a poor household 'sustainable' in the locality. Her family situation is very stable when the husband is lost because cancer last year, this year, Ms. Ngoc continued to have cancer. Currently, 2 children of Ms. Ngoc are too small, can not worry, take care of themselves. "Currently, the Commune People's Committee is coordinating with departments, branches and unions to mobilize donations and call Hieu Tam supported the children, "Dung said.

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