Dad Missing Her Husband, Daughter-in-law Died With Tens Of Axes, A Concurrent Concurrency Of 10 Years Unexpectedly With Humorous Circumstances

The true case has fallen into the deadlock for years, finally has a unexpected progress of 9th amenities: 00/3: 12 Southern nationals 7/2009, some people in Single-business village, Linh Bich district, province Anhui (China), discovered a strong stench emitted from the house of the man. After the functional force is informed to check, detect on the second floor of the suspected house with a female corpse in the decomposition phase. The first step is to verify, the dead are female, long, 24 Age, the daughter-in-law of the landlord. Preliminary examination show that the cause of the victim's death is caused by slashed by many luminous axes that lead to blood loss but die. The victim's head alone has more than 20 slashes

. It can be seen that the tricks of the killer is extremely savage, the killing weapon is a ax that is thrown away at the scene. That point, the father of the victim's husband, Mr. Cao, 53 years old, suddenly missing Do not trace
Nobody people and the whole family knew he had gone long. The police questioned that it was possible that this case was involved in revenge targeting victims or Mr. Cao. After conducting investigations, police found that long victims had simple life, love gentle, sketch. So they can't understand a woman mismanating to cause a lot of enrollment to anyone to take such a catastrophe? For the part of her father-in-law, the police investigated him with bad temperament, In reverse, selfishness, no sense of responsibility with the family, the relationship with neighbors is not nice. After analyzing and comprehensive investigation, the police finally listed highly in suspicion. The question is: Where did he go? Initially, the police conducted investigation in Wuxi, Ningbo and Hangzhou where he used to work before but without results. He disappeared as a fragile smoke. It seemed to fall into a deadlock until June 2019 unexpectedly had an important breakthrough. The local police said, one day they received a call from Fuzhou police, Fujian Province, said they were temporarily holding a man, suspected that their names had taken 10 years ago
Over the age of 60, spending 10 years of hiding with all means, Finally, high names cannot escape the law. Under the police investigation, he lowered his head to recognize all the immeasurable acts of the old year. He highly said he fascinated the beautiful beauty of the daughter-in-law and always aspire to take her. The bad father-in-law was in a bad behavior with his daughter-in-law and was always reacted by her. For the day, the case happened, when at noon was empty, the high name gave birth to a forced daughter-in-law . Receiving a fierce resistance of the victim, tall angry out. After a while he picked up the ax back to find his daughter-in-law to take revenge. He highened continuously until his daughter-in-law was no longer moving. The victim's body was wrapped into a cotton blanket. After causing the project, the high name calmly went to bathe and then gathered all the money in the house to escape. The killer said, because he was afraid of being discovered, he did not dare to buy a train ticket but just walked away for a few months on the journey to escape to Fuzhou. Here, he earned a living with scavenging, sleeping under the bridge , Living, wandering the last 10 years until the police summarized by the police. On August 1, the communication interviewed his wife, she said very hatred her husband and hoped he would be tried hard.

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