Dai Phat Moon Cake: Phuong Hoang Reaches High Flying Wings

Dai Phat Mid-Autumn Cake: Phuong Hoang reaches its owner with the topic "Reaching Phuong Hoang, An Khang Hoa Hop", Dai Phat used phoenix images, symbols of light, harmony, prosperity and immortality to Send a message to every house, wishes all over the obstacles, restoring the gas forward, welcoming future lighting, bringing everything good. Gon in particular and the whole country is generally spreading Through extremely stained days due to prolonged epidemics. Each family, each individual encounters many difficulties and needs, but all common wishes, which are epidemic through fast, life will return to normal, meet and delegation Capacitor with family, join the union who welcomed the Mid-Autumn Festival. Understand the mental values of the Mid-Autumn Festival day as well as the wish of each person, this year despite many difficulties and pressure due to the way, but Dai Phat still strives to produce, bringing the most quality moon cakes with stable, reasonable prices, sent to people as a peaceful and strong wishes over all difficulties. The moon cake of Dai Phat varied categories with different forms and prices such as: Mid-Autumn Fisheries Chicken Cua Sen Seed Seed, Mid-Autumn Festival of Mixed Rainbunded, Crossing Bowl Buu, Almond Seeds, Taro, Coconut milk

... with prices ranging from 16,000 to 308 thousand VND / piece
. today, Dai Phat still keeps tradition as many years, products are well selected for raw materials, to produce NH The cakes are delicious, focusing on food safety and hygiene - a principle that Dai Phat has always put on top during the business process. Besides, Dai Phat researches new cake formulas, Many years have invited Tran Chi Minh's chef - a reputable person in the artist Hong Kong, Taiwan, instructions for formula processing, improving the quality of cake. It is known, due to stretching Straighten, this year to maintain production, Dai Phat will reduce the cake type from 40 to 22 types. Especially, this year, Dai Phat focuses on key products are luxurious boxes, with meaningful messages, Very suitable for gifts for relatives, friends, customers, partners. With the theme "Reaching Phuong Hoang, An Khang Hoa Hop", Dai Phat used phoenix images, symbols of light, harmony conquered, prosperous and immortal sent messages to every house, wishes all overcome obstacles to restore the gas forward, welcoming future light, bringing everything Nice, as the phoenix reaches high flying wings. According to Dai Phat representative, because the company has many perennial raw materials suppliers, together sharing difficulties, should keep the selling price. And although the freight situation this time has many obstacles, the company will also look for the best delivery methods, facilitating the full shipping goods to you. The company will deliver goods After 5 days of receiving orders. With orders over 1 million VND, are free ship
However, 1 order only delivered to 2 locations for 1 guest, delivered more locations than ships in each area.

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