Daily Habits Cause Skin Aging

Besides external agents, less healthy lifestyle also affects your youthful look. According to the time, the skin undergoes the natural aging process due to the looseness of the muscles and structure support . External agents like UV rays, polluted dusty smoke, toxic substances negatively influenced the young looks of the skin. In addition, there are habits in everyday life contributing to increasing skin aging speed, according to Eat this. The skin came faster through poor healthy habits daily

. Photo: Women's Health. The American Academy of Dermatology (American Academy of Dermatology), diets containing many sugars or refined carbohydrates can accelerate the aging process. Loading many sugars, sweets or items Drink like soda, synthetic juice, causing high levels of insulin hormone
Since then, leading to inflammatory reactions. Inflammation of enzyme production broke collagen and elastin - components involved in the support structure of skin. Others, the sugar is digested into collagen through the glycation process. Glycation promotes skin aging, and exacerbated acne or irritation status. In order for the skin to be healthier, you should avoid beverages with sugar and processed foods. Besides, pay attention to the additional amount of sugar displayed on the packaging label of the foods you buy. Sweet with appetite but if you eat a lot will bring many harms to your skin and health. Photo: Blissmark. Sleephi sleep, our body undergoes the recovery process, regenerating many different organs, including skin. Good quality sleep, enough duration of 7-8 hours a night has an effect to increase the ability to recover the skin protection fence
Glamor page is the key to maintaining the stretch, smooth skin. Once you fall asleep, the body starts producing growth hormones. Hormone growth promotes collagen production, helping the skin always tense and toned, and allows skin to recover acne and scars. Sleeping increases the concentration of cortisol (stress hormone), causing the skin to fall into an easy state inflamed. This means that the skin will look tired, pale and the form of fat around the eyes. By sleeping for 8 hours a night, you can prevent these symptoms to appear. Many beer is alcoholic abuse of alcoholic drinks for a long time, causing you to quickly quickly from outside. Alcohol causes dehydration on the skin and causes inflammation, leading to flushing, swelling on the face. It also hurts the heart, preventing detoxification, fat handling and carbs. Is a diuretic. Drinking a lot of alcohol leads to increasing urine production, making the body and skin dehydrated. The skin will become dry, peeling and wrinkles expose on the face. The wine is negatively affecting sleep. This contributes to disrupting the skin regeneration cycle took place during sleep. The production of new skin cells, Collagen was reduced. Since then, the skin looks dull, poor and alcoholic alcohol makes the skin aging signs soon appear. Photo: Plastic Surgery Channel.Is mobilize in the epidemic season, exercise your health by full eating, physical exercise is essential. If much energy intolerance through food but less movement, body You will be easily gained, excess fat. In addition, the skin also does not receive benefits from exercise to bring. When heart rate increases through exercise, blood vessels are expanding to pump more blood throughout the body. From there, improve oxygen circulation and nutrients to agencies, including your skin. To keep the heart, brain and immunity in the best state, as well as early prevention, please Exercise daily with moderate intensity. The American Dermatology Institute said: "Moderate exercise helps improve circulation, strengthening the immune system. Exercise also brings youthful looks for skin" What to slow skin aging? Daily diet significantly affects your appearance.

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