Dang Van Lam Welcomes Good News When Returning To Japan

During the day of the land of the rising sun, Van Lam received great news when entitled to the character in the host country. The forestry forestry committee appeared with Cerezo Osaka Club.After the Vietnam Tel in the second match, The third round of the World Cup - Asia area to meet Australia, Dang Van Lam said farewell to comrades to return to Japan Military Society at Cerezo Osaka Club. In Japan Back to Japan, Thu Thanh Viet Kieu Russia has received great pleasure to enjoy the character in the host country. Accordingly, the Vietnam team's goalkeeper does not need 14-day medical isolation as prescribed when entering Japan due to previously implemented the "bubble" rule of the Asian Football Federation (AFC)

. Thus, Van Lam will be able to meet the army immediately with Cerezo Osaka Club to prepare for the next match at J1 League. The Vietnam team, the red shirt team has been paid by Coach Park. The whole team will focus on June 16 to prepare for China's trip (7/10) and Oman (October 12), the matches are expected to be very difficult for the army of Coach Park Hang Seo
With a separate Cong Phuong, the striker has been recruited from yesterday 9/9 and will practice with U22 Vietnam from a few days before being transferred to the Vietnamese national team to practice and forging tactics . With the recent rounds of rounds, Dang Van Lam is expected to have the competitive effort to arrest itself with Bui Tan Truong in the fourth round of the end of the World Cup 2022 as the guests of China at U AE upcoming. Vietnam team, to prepare for 2 matches in October to meet China (7/10) and Oman (October 12), Coach Park Hang Seo decided 5 players in U22 to Vietnam Male. The name is strengthened by Mr. Park to Vietnam as striker Le Xuan Tu, Nham Manh Dung and Tran Van Dat, Hai Lien Lieu Quang Vinh and Dang Van Dinh. These are faces in the plan Preparing for the 1822 Asian U23 qualifiers and SEA Games 31.Nam Việt Nam has 1 week of camp discharge, expected military on September 16. In this focus, in addition to the participation of 5 U22 players, the Phoenix also officially entered training, preparing for two matches took place in October.

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