Dangerous Things Manicurers Will Never Share With Customers

Beauty needs for growing nails, but this is also part reflects a part of health, so you need to pay attention to the following information before the nail to ensure toan.0: 00/5 : domain 01Nu NamNhu beauty needs of people increases daily and hourly and manicure, pedicure popular that even men also preferred. Clean feeling when manicurist skin picking, nail file makes people believe all the methods manicure without thinking. Although it is only a small part but the manicure and pedicure can also cause much harm to health. Before returning to the nail salon visits, consider the consequences of the work seemed pretty harmless nay

.Dung intelligent tools mongAnh hoa.Nguy largest facility outside of the nail in the shop is infected. On the basis of low quality, hygiene issues not be enhanced, employees do not pay attention to disinfection for instruments, the risk of fungal infection, even more frightening is the hepatitis B or HIV is completely can happen
To prevent infection, people should prepare individual tools such as pliers, filing. Also need to choose the place clean and ask questions about how to clean instruments. Do not hesitate to ask this issue because it directly affects the health of all traces chaiCac nguoi.Loai give doctors do not advise people to use the service removes calluses in the nail salon. If the skin is thin, sensitive or bad blood circulation, the tools used to nail grinding, rubbing can damage the foot. To avoid a vacuum bottle, everyone should take the shoes fit, not too tight. Also, use a moisturizer in the dry rough skin, calluses and foot also helps them gradually softer on treatment will be disqualified bo.Dieu growing toenail treatment nguocDe this situation requires the intervention of a doctor nail professional because there is no knowledge and qualifications. The treatment of ingrown nails wrong can lead to infection, the consequences would have led to people using antibiotics or even remove the entire foundation. If you encounter this situation, go to a doctor to be tested and treated right away tuc
Loai cuticle around nails mongLop epidermal protection from the ingress of bacteria and infection. When removing them, can cause nail infections customers or hurt the nail. By now, the new nail will grow thick, pale color, not flat but uneven. To a nail salon to get better hands but the result is a weak and ugly nails. Doctors recommend that people should not remove the cuticle but only soften the layers and trimmed using tools of state cup mongMong sach.Dieu hand, weak toenails can lead to the occurrence of the vacancy under the nail. Professional terminology of this condition is called onycholysis (glass nail), nail plate only state above section is separated from the nail bed below. It appears as a consequence of the lower layers of the nail damage. Only a doctor can treat this condition by prescribing vitamins, ointments and hand hygiene easy gayMong mong.Mong the hand is inherently fragile, so when care should be gentle with them. When broken nail cross, experts recommend that people should not use filing immediately. First, use pliers to cut nails and then filing to shape a new user. Let filing nails were shaped when dry because wet nails vulnerable hon.Mong vangMau hand colored yellow nails is not only the expression of a health problem but also a result of poor quality manicure. Everyone should paint a protective liner before applying color and selection of high quality paints of the famous company. If nails were transferred yellow, toothpaste, salt scrubs, wash with lemon and oxygen can help regain old color checkered average cement thuong.Xuoc roXuoc shoots are popular due to the skin condition around nails were cut too dry or nail damage caused. Experts say that only scratch the checkered shoots should be cut evenly, avoid pulling, tearing to pull out painful and bleeding. To avoid scratches cement checkered, people should pay attention to skin moisturizing hand creams that contain vitamin E special and cared for by the nail technician specializing nghiep.Cao coat before mongNhieu who always shave before to the nail salon to look more aesthetically pleasing. However, the nail technician shared that they do not pay attention to this so people do not need to shave. This can damage the skin pores expand and the high risk of infection hon.Son taySon nail manicure and related products contain many harmful chemicals. These ingredients can damage nails, even the smell from the product cause allergic reactions or asthma. To ensure safety, the experts advised to remove nail polish every 3-4 weeks and after 6-8 months resting. Polish rest period is 105 days ideal for new nail grows completely chinh.Den UVTren the market today have a lot of paint as paint often, paint, gel, paint shellac, ...

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