Date Of Hoang Dao Offered In July 2021 Best?

According to the folk concept, the full moon worship in July on the zodiac day will have good gas schools, optimistic, stable psychology, work, lucky, lucky.0: 00/3: 18 nuoc nghia nghia day long hoang DaoTeo Han Van Dictionary, Thanh means blue, Long means the dragon. Dragon fruit means a green dragon. This is one of the four Linh, the four statues including: Dragon, Chu Tuoc, Bach Ho and Huong Vu. In terms of space, Dragon fruit only shocked, orientally, belonging to Hanh Moc

.Vi Linh was applied a lot in feng shui, construction architecture. The position in some architecture is on the left. In terms of numerous horoscopes, Sao Thanh Long is a good why, the owner returns to and luckily
The person who was illuminated by Sao Thanh Long will have a favorable job, Hanh Thong, with high enlightenment, good intuitive spirituality. In addition, Sao Thanh Long also helps to execute Do Dat, make many merits, such as Rong Rongs meet, promoted to glory, giving birth to children, outside, why the marriage ... full moon offerings in July . The zodiac follows ancient astrologers, astronomers, these are the days of the sun to create energy sources, good gas fields that help human health improve, optimistic, stable, public The effectiveness, more advantages and luck. The zodiac day also has many gods to follow the sun protective, make a living, blessing and blessing. What does the zodiac dragon fruit mean? This is a lucky day, giving all good energy sources, high living, abundant blessings. On the first day of Zodiac Dragon, what worker will also be highly effective, especially the big things like marriage, examination, house construction, opening .
. every good thing, the whole association Capacitor in Hoang Long Zodiac. Specifically as follows: In January: is the day; In February: is the day gradually; In March: is the day; In April: is the day in May: is the day; In June: is the daily daily; In July: is the day; In August: is the day gradually; In September: is the day; In October: is the day; In November: is the day; In December: is the dention. A common point can see that the Zodiac Dragon Day always falls on the day of Chi Duong - Duong Long Nhan. In a month of 30 days, after 12 days, there was a day of the zodiac dragon fruit next cycle of circulation. The zodiac worship the full moon in the past 2021, July 13, August 20, and August 20 (Canh Ty, Binh Than Month, Tan Suu Year) is a Zodiac dragon fruit, good day for full moon flu in July. Penaltes on July 13 Includes: Time (23:00 - 0:59), Ox (1: 00-2: 59), MAO (5:00 to 6: 59), Ngo (11:00 to 12: 59); Body (15:00 to 16: 59), Rooster (17: 00-18: 59). However, the folk is also concepted, can be full in July from the 2nd day to 14 lunar days without viewing Good or bad because from the 2nd day and July 14 lunar calendar will be the time when Pluto to open the demons, so that the souls get into the world and enjoy the offerings that people are sacrificed. Therefore, it is possible to arrange the time to fix it, offer a reasonable reasonable ceremony before 15 lunar days. For the ceremony to offer Buddha, the spiritual worship ceremony, Giai Tien, people are usually not too sophisticated the organization at any time Because these worshiping ceremonies are mainly, as long as they are too full. Write a reference.

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