Day Of Vietnamese Ethnic Culture – Large Festival Of Ethnic Minorities

Nearly 13 years, all over the country, in localities from mountainous areas to plain, from the border to the island, by practical activities 'Vietnamese people's cultural days' has spread and Incoring deep in the Vietnamese ethnic community, actually becoming a big festival for ethnic minorities to meet, communicate, join together in traditional festivals, special cultural space of the people ethnic across the country's regions and regions. Thereby, contributing to introducing and honoring good cultural values, enriching the spiritual life of the people. The art of the art of the Central Highlands in the day of ethnic culture Vietnam in 2021. Photo: VGP / Nhat BacSinh Time, Uncle Ho loves always emphasize the particularly important role of culture for country development. According to people and culture is the soul of a ethnicity - the elite of the Vietnamese ethnic community is cast through thousands of years of history; The culture is both a target, and the driving force for development

. Cultural development must be considered one of the most important breakthroughs to ensure the country's sustainable development. Also because of that important meaning more than 7 decades ago, Uncle Ho confirmed "Culture of National Roads". Learn Uncle, the past years, the Party, the State, the Government has issued many resolutions , cultural policies, including preserving, preserving and promoting traditions and national cultural identities
On November 17, 2008, the Prime Minister issued a decision to take on April 19th annually, "Vietnamese Cultural Day". Move the decision of the Prime Minister, Civil Cultural Day The Vietnamese clan has graduated and penetrated deeply in the community of 54 ethnic groups, actually becoming a festival for ethnic minorities to meet, communicate, together in traditional festivals, over That contributes to introducing and honoring good cultural values, enriching the spiritual life of the people. Across all countries, localities have responded on this day with practical activities. In Ha Giang province, in order to maintain and promote the cultural identity of ethnic minorities in the province, periodically 2 Once in the province, the province directed the organization of "Festival of sports culture and ethnic groups" in districts, towns and five years held "Festival of Sports and Tourism and Ethnic Tourism" conscious. Participate in the festival, representatives of ethnic groups performing folk cultural cultural performances, enrolling and helping viewers know about the traditional festivals of their people. This is one of the positive measures to contribute to preserving and promoting the traditional festival of ethnic minorities; At the same time promoting economic and cultural exchanges between regions in the province, introducing special cultural features of each nation. Some border districts also apply for creating the organization of "Sports and Tourism Festival of ethnic groups" associated with the cultural-tourism festival organization in combination with service-trade activities. Attracting many tourists throughout the country to exchange, research, learn, contribute to promoting land, people and unique cultural identity of the local ethnic minority community, promoting support socio-economic development in the area; Meet the demand for entertainment of people, build cultural life, contributing to promoting the movement "All people unite to build a cultural life". For Bac Kan province, to honor values Traditional culture of ethnic communities in the area, recent years, levels, industries and localities in the province regularly propagate and organize practical activities to preserve and promote traditional text Others. In every occasion response to the Vietnamese people's cultural days, the more promoted activities, creating an exciting air, tightening solidarity in the ethnic community in the province
In 2018, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperated with the District People's Committee of Cho Don to organize the program of Vietnamese ethnic groups in association with the decision announcement of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognition Decorative art patterns on the costume of the Red Dao, Ngoc Phai Commune (Cho Don) is a national intangible cultural heritage. In 2019, the Department continued to coordinate with Na Ri district to organize a ceremony to award the title of "People's Artisan", "Excellent Artisan" in the field of intangible cultural heritage Two associated with the organization of activities to respond to "Vietnamese ethnic groups" ... Besides, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism also implemented many projects to conserve and promote heritage values. Intangible culture, such as the cage festival in Bang Van commune (Ngan Son); The ceremony of the red knife of Na Na village, Quang Khe commune (Ba Be); The 3-day 3-day ceremony of the knife of Dao Sán Chi, Bội Doi commune (Pac ni) ... Implementing projects such as: Conservation of "Membrane Festival of Dao Tien, Ngan Son District"; Conservation of "Cage Festival Cottage Put, Bach Thong District" ... 54 ethnic groups in the Vietnamese ethnic community, every nation has unique, unique characteristics

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