Martyrs Tran Hau Thanh entrained on April 10, 1968, Nguyen was the Deputy Average, 12th Abraham, 44 Battalion of Radiation 559. In 1970, he was a 'emulation soldier' to attend the conference ' The emulation soldier 'Group 559. Then get home to visit the house and married and went back to the unit. In a battle of fighting American aircraft, he was diligent. Ms

. Thai Thi Kim Nhung Martyr's wife Tran Hau Thanh 50 years of worshiping her husband, raising her parents and unique sons in the only wise.02: 00/2: 30Nam south of years of years, why are you? Do not return to the sacred forest, in the state of strange, there is a house, death must be the spot of human skin, rain flushing the flush to you, I suddenly suddenly suddenly again, the two of them entered the cubes, bombs Vibrating, we taste enough? Left alone me! City! Dear! Where are you? How many months, go find without seeing still remember, I buried you! It is no longer, tightened to make your body, a team of teams looking at each other, bowing quietly! We are a sacrifice, when the Fatherland needs the month to donate himself, how long it is difficult to receive the letter, his wife written in the last month, the new letter comes to believe: You have a baby! Battle night, if As you are happy, happy, know how to go! Let's go back, I wish you quiet to me with my teammates, enter Nam Nguyen peace, Thong Nhat Giang Santao returned, where the old countryside of the old village. Now cherished: Visit your mother, share the pain of my hand to hold my hand, the touch of choking: "Why I'm! Not putting it into the mother "Eyes of tears, gently Tao said quietly:" Mom please be assured: Thanh will return
"Five months passed, I'm far away from the army, I have been attached to now, tao It is no longer healthy to take you back, then it is also strong, it knows: in that place! Far away, I always think, will be on the mother whoever knows! SAY HAPPY! Live named, but die doesn't know the name. Heavenly land, who did it? At the bottom of it, you probably widened the holidays of the red candle, if this scene only wants that : Where are you? Mushrooms, green grass have the name of your name. Shared, late before. "Relix crimes" for me is gentle. To the soul, forever mangasi May remain ... according to the heart of the soldier Nguyen Xuan Oanh

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