‘deathhole’ Wider Than The Football Field, Swallowing The Mexican House: Finally A Solution!

On May 30, this 'death hole' had a diameter of about 30 meters, but only a day later, it quickly expanded to 60 meters.0: 00/1: 27 male in 29/5, a "death hole "Giant suddenly appeared in an agricultural land in Puebla, Mexico. Sanchez family, living nearby, hearing the loud noise should think it was a lightning lightning, but they were extremely surprised When the ground was discovered by the way they were far from their loss and the water constantly rise. "Deathhole" in Mexico (Source: Sohu) on May 30, "death hole" with a diameter of about 30 meters, Quickly expanded to 60 meters on May 31 and reached about 80 meters on June 1, the current diameter exceeded 126 meters, depth was up to 20 meters, and it could continue to expand. The appearance of "death hole" not only destroys a part of vegetation and crops but also affects the house near it

. Non-stop opening and about to "swallow" the nearby house (Source: Sohu ) A month after the incident, the Mexican Environment Committee and Resources may eventually conclude that the export The "death hole" is due to natural causes, not caused by humans as initial conjectures. It is due to limestone layers below the soil layer with erosion flowing to land subsidence . This phenomenon has a scientific name Karst
Natural products of Karst weathering process are caves with stalactites, stone bamboo shoots, streaming rivers .... Sung Sot Cave (Ha Long Bay) - A product of Karst weathering process (source: Wikipedia) in our country, some famous caves are created by Karst weathering process such as Thien Cung, Sung Sot Cave (Halong Bay), Phong Nha Cave (Quang Binh), cave Winning An (Ninh Binh), ... Reference articles from Sohu

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