Declare The Ancient Tra Dinh Hoi In Quang Ninh

In the morning of July 10, the day (1/6 lunar calendar), Mong Cai City People's Committee of Quang Ninh province organized a tra ancient family, which is one of the typical cultural and cultural relics of nails The one was ranked by the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) ranking national relics in 1974. Easy to organize the Ancient Tra Dinh family on May 30 and June 1 Lunars. The Festival took place with a lot of activities and rituals strictly carried out. In 2019, Dinh Tra Co Festival was honored to be certified by the Ministry of Culture of Sports and Tourism Certified Catalog of National Intangible Cultural Heritage. On July 9, the villagers have taken him "elephants"

. Ra cultivate. Before, before opening the assembly, on 25/5 lunar calendar, the village of the ancient tea cuts the elders and boys represented on a ship to pick up the fairy of the old tea to the countryside , Hai Phong, then returned to the neck tea. This ritual symbolizes the way to settle down in the ancient tea of the old money
Currently, the ritual has been elucidated due to the re-approaching and splashing and dangerous waves. However Exam "Mr. Elephant" - the main ritual of the festival is still maintained annually and is the unique and characteristic of this festival. Before the afternoon on July 9, the villagers have made him "elephant". Returns to attract thousands of people in the village to participate.

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