Declare The Divorce Of A Girl Who Doesn’t Need To Reconcile, But Comes Close To The Day Of The Court Of Her Husband ‘folding Brakes’ For Discovering ‘truth’

'My wife discovered, she made a fuss that I was a humiliation, irresponsible husband. We quarrel big. Can't do in harmony, my wife asked for divorce, I also agreed ..

. ', the husband said.0: 00/3: 29 Southern Happiness in his hand did not know the respect. Come to lose it, then realize the value of the pearls of the thing he left
Newly here, a young husband also entered the social network to confide the mistake of self-suffering to make him almost divorced. His story is as follows: "From the day my wife quit your child, her beauty goes down to see, even sometimes going to work and seeing his wife to stand up cooking that I don't go. Previously my wife Mai Xuong Mai, gently gently charming, can I get into my blue eyes. So it doesn't understand, after giving birth to her 'hatching' doubled 3, the hair was always tied. Each The time I went to the house, I was embarrassed I didn't want to introduce my wife. Later after every visitors, I all invited to help my face embarrassed because my wife was also talking about my wife to pay attention to the form a bit but she He took the reason for their care without taking care of themselves. or I said too, I turned to say: 'I put it on time soon looked for me to have a loss of weight loss time'. The sharing of the husband I always blame the husband early in late, do not share housework with his wife so she didn't have time to take care of the appearance. I'm bored not to remind, notice to my wife anymore " This husband said that, because of his wife N Far-up and down, while his career goes up, he requires that he needs a perfect woman who knows how to beautify her husband. The more he was bored with his wife, he looked at her, thinking about women other than society, he did not avoid comparison in his heart
Finally didn't hold a crush before the temptation, he exterced himself betrayed his wife. "At first I simply thought of adultery to change the wind, I deserve something more than a wife sleazy at home. My wife discovered, she made a couple to say I was a humiliation, irresponsible husband. We quarreled big. Can't do it, my wife asked for divorce, I also agreed. Even when applying, If it is not because of the brothers in the house, I don't need to always need 2 months to let my husband to reconcile. I want to quickly resolve my wife to find that myself doesn't have anything for me. During the reconciliation, my wife lived in a house, but life was completely separate. However, it was about this time, my wife changed to dizziness made me not be surprised. When I was no longer involved. The lives of his wife, I have time to lose weight, beauty, makeup like a 'molting', fresher than my daughter. She often goes out dating coffee friends, with the day Going to 11pm of new night about making me restless, clicking. I gradually realized I was jealous and officially scared her. The wife is the opposite, it seems to be 'shaken' to be me, her life is gentle, so much more comfortable. The mildment of my house is able to compare the lives of the wife before and after the cup It was very different from another one to 1 area, until then I didn't understand my wife, how hard she was. I really are the husband too heartless, only living for themselves, never understood and thinking for his wife. Get a mistake of yourself, I started looking for a way to approach, heal me for my wife to fix wrong. Fortunately because my child is my wife, my husband is soft for her husband, if I don't have to lose my happy home. "Female when married often lives forget yourself because of her husband, so they can't Plans, splendidly in my eyes like my eyes are loved. Unfortunately, not every husband is psychologically understanding it to respect, loves and compensate for your wife. Also your husband in the story above I am noticed myself mistakes to save my marriage. According to the law and readers

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