Declaring His Wife Like Not The Husband Must Immediately Receive ‘bitter’ Numbness With His Wife ‘rebellion’

'Since I stayed up, he put it more to his wife to sting. He kept going from morning to night, I am at home weighing everything but in my eyes still just harm ... ', the wife said

.02: 00/3: 38 namkhi domain earned money, many men Give yourself the right to do "big man" in the house, wrongly, specialize with your wife. In the closed group of women, a wife recently entered: "Baby birthday is finished, I don't work At home to take a housekeeper, take care of her husbands. At first, I didn't agree to work because my work position was quite good, right expertise had a chance to advance
However, her husband pressed too much, After I had to do it as you want to make money, I don't have to worry about it, but I don't have to take care of the economist, I have to say it to be domicostal. with him, women later When she got married, the other part of the remaining life had to live in her husband's idea, so everything in the family only has the right to decide, I never get to the opinion. Living with him only, I can only yes, Prohibit left of Italians. The sharing of the wife is so much that since I leave, safe h again for his wife to sting. He kept going from morning to night, he was at home weighed everything but he said that his husband told his wife only at home to the cafeteria, there was some happy people like that. "This young wife said because her husband She never understood the desire, his wife's thoughts should live with him, she only saw the pressure and stress. The spouse life was so tired of her. Even sometimes she feels her husband It's like a strange person, though eating with the tray, sleeping with the bed but never changed with the voice. "That day two children were sick. Still as usual for me, I still go from morning to late night
The night of awareness of her care is too tired, I sleep forgot to get a blouse to make her husband. He screwed his wife. Tired but I still tried to gently explain but he went to Bao: 'Don't be sophisticated, only at home to play, eating her husband, but there are some clothes that are not reasons for reasons. It is true that I have a wife like a lot. It's very good at that time, so I said it too: 'If you think I'm at home is to play, eat your husband, let me let me know what your wife do 'That night I find hiring for hours to do housework, on average 200 thousand, the older child hires a teacher of 200 thousand / 3 hours, the baby hires a 40 thousand / hour. I don't go back to myself, too soon as your husband. In addition to hard wages, I accept some more places to income with you. Going to work and just sitting, surfing Facebook, watching TV, listening to music like her husband. My husband is very strong but I said straight that I want to make money like you must also enjoy such a lifestyle. There is no reason why you go to work and play and get a wife to do. The prospect of the cost of hiring the maid, tutor, and the children of the house of the family last 18 million. I saw a couple asking a half to pay half and said: 'It is the rental rent in family activities, and the effort is worried about foreigners, replacing him to take care of the old parents. That amount is over 18 million. Now you understand which part of your wife's work effort is at home. Just a straightforwardness, then the salary is over, then that my husband will be able to go to her voice to tell my spouse to discuss everything, but I can't hire at all 18, 20 million like that. He still asked his wife at home to take care of 1 time but every day he would return to additional support, not letting his wife a loosened like before ". After getting married, men often give their wife responsibly People "hold marriage fire", arrange things in life. Along with that, you still require your partner to complete other obligations like economic worries, beautify her husband and never to mind My wife is too much. The wife's "rebellion" in the story on which part helps the beard to realize the value from the silent names of his wife.

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