Decode Extremely Optical Secret In The Sky

Optical pole also known as Northern Light, long ago considered the greatest light party Earth with colorful waves. Active lighting in Reine, on Lofoten Islands (Norway) This is a phenomenon that only in high latitude can witness and it has made scientists surprised. The mystery around the cause of the northern light was speculated but until now it was to be proven. Electromagnetic magnetic sounding a newly published study, the group of physicists from the University of Iowa and Weaton (USA ) Finally demonstrated "the most brilliant optics created by strong electromagnetic waves in geographic storms". The main author of the study was James Schroeder of the University of Weaton

.Nghienearch indicating that the phenomena also known as the Alfven wave made electrons accelerate on the earth, making the particles emit the light we Called the northern light. "The measurements show that small populations of electrons underwent" resonant acceleration "by the electric field of Alfven waves, similar to a surfing man catching the sea waves and continuously increased Speed when moving in a wave "- co-author, Associate Professor Greg Howes at the University of Iowa Physics and Astronomy, said. When these electrons go to the thin atmosphere above Earth, they and Touch with nitrogen and oxygen molecules, causing them to fall into stimulus
The stimulation of these electrons then "cooled down" and released the light, which is what we see as an optical pole. The idea of electrons "surfing" on the electric field is a theory of physicist Russia Lev Landau launched for the first time in 1946 and now his theory has been proven. It is very optical from the ISS International Space Station. Laboratory in the laboratory in decades, scientists know About the highest ability on how it can be created, but now, they can simulate it for the first time in a large plasma lab (LDP) under the basic Plasma science basis. of California University in Los Angeles (UCLA). Scientists used a 20-meter long chamber to recreate the Earth field by using strong school rolls on UCLA LPD. In this chamber, scientists have created a type of plasma similar to what exist in space near Earth. "Using a specially designed antenna, we corrugated Alfven to the machine, like As shake a sprinkler of trees up and down quickly and watching water waves moving along the tap, "Associate Professor Howes said. When you start the experience of "surfing" electrons in this wave, they use another dedicated tool to measure the way electrons get energy from Alfven waves. Whether the test does not replicate the shimmering light Colorful as optical pole that we see in the northern sky, but "our measurements in the laboratory are clearly uniform with predictions from computer simulation and mathematics
Accordingly, it prove that electrons surfing on Alfven waves can be accelerated (up to speed of 72 million km / h) and creating optical pole - according to Mr. Howes. "These tests show measurements and theories The space explained how to make an optical extremely created ", co-author Craig Kletzing said. Space scientists across the place are very happy to hear this news. Patrick Kohn, a scientist at NASA's Helicopter Science Department said: "I am extremely excited! Rarely see a laboratory experiment confirming a theory or model related to the space environment. The simple space is too big to be able to simulate in the laboratory. "A such experiment will not be possible in space because the researchers cannot predict when the optical extreme will happen and will Can not take into account other factors in the universe. The researchers said that their discovery can bring more understanding of how the particles are powered. Besides, it also gives them a clearer picture of how the sun events affect the space near the earth and the technological infrastructure we have, such as satellite. It is understandable that the acceleration of electrons that cause optical pole will be useful in many studies in the future. "It really helps us understand the weather in space more! The acceleration mechanism of verified electrons in this project is operating elsewhere in the solar system, so it will have many applications in physical space. It will be used in space weather forecast, which NASA is very interested "- Mr. Kehhn said. For Mr. Schroeder, the above study also gives a fairly simple benefit. "This makes us attracted and surprised. We have been charming by thousands of years and admire their beauty. When you understand more about how it is created, we are even more respectful than its beauty "- Mr. Schroeder said. The northern light appears on a waterfall in Iceland. A way

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