Decoding 3 Tombs Located On The Most Mysterious King Of China

The tomb is located on the longen of the emperor of the Emperor, Qin Thuy Hoang and the lens intact over time. Inside these tombs have countless precious notes but the tombstery does not dare 'the car'. Why is it? When there is alive, many Chinese emperors in feng shui for feng shui teachers find good land to build tombs. Of these, the three tombs located on the longen were built and did not have a piracy. It is the tomb of the Hv Hien Emperor, Qin Thuy Hoang and Hang Lang

.Theo conception of the ancient people, the tomb built on the longen will statue for the prosperity - the decline of the country. If the tombs are destroyed by a crooked by a crooked, the country will be dangerous, encountering many events. Experts are extremely unexpected to spend thousands of years, 3 tombs built on the longen It is intact, there are no signs of hijackers digging, stealing antiques
Specifically, the tomb of the emperor of the Emperor is located in Kieu Son, Shaanxi Province, China. He is considered a navigation of the Chinese nation. The position of construction where the king's office is located on the long-circuit. All Chinese people are the descendants of this emperor. Basic, the place where the emperor of the emperor is not surrounded by the pirates of the inside of the inside of the inside. Treasure ... Similarly, the tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang is also built on the longen and intact for thousands of years without a hijacker digging, stealing burial. Hoang at the north leg of Ly Son in Lam Dong district, Xi'an city, Shaanxi province
It must be in 1974, a farmer while digging the well to detect the tomb. Since then, Chinese archaeological worlds have excavated the tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang and there are important findings. Among them, they discovered the tombs built extremely complex. Inside the tomb with extremely dangerous mercury rivers and many other traps. Therefore, the experts can only explore a small part of the tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang.In Lang in the district, Shaanxi province is the tomb of the martial arts - the first and only emperor Most in Chinese feudal history. This is the best preserved tomb of the street house and does not get disturbed hackers. According to the experts, the place of resting thousands of collections of Tac Thien is on the longen. In addition, the jury is associated with mysterious and creepy anecdotes that make grave thieves fear. Types are anecdotal of some thieves once to the jeinery. They are planning to break into the inside, the weather is good, suddenly becomes dark and strong winds. Not only that, the tombstery group still hears scary shouts, making them afraid to run away without dare to dig, steal the torque of the martial arts martial. , dozens of people were killed. Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (TH)

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