Decoding The Legend Of ‘land Of The King’s Emperor’

Cao Bien was killed when plotting to destroy the "land of the king's land" unnatural. Several decades later, Ngo Quyen Street Old Village, the founder of Ngo Ngo, the national hero has missed Nan Han troops in Bach Dang in 938.L Lam (Son Tay Town, Hanoi) Being known as a "two king" land. This is the birth of two Phung Hung ethnic heroes (761 - 802) and Ngo Quyen (898 - 944). The ancient people believe that the typical feng shui terrain has made the Lam as "the land of the king"

. Photo: A road in Duong Lam Ancient Village.In "Cao Bien Bien Type Letter", Cao Bien - A Chinese Feng Shui Master, who has ever doing porcelain in Viet Doi Duong is also in the tide - Wrote: Shanxi has 36 main acupuncture points and 85 eagle. Particularly, Lam Lam land has acupressed the king
Photo: Old Ong Ong Stone Wells at Road Lam. Professor of Mistics of Tran Quoc Vuong, commented: Duong Lam is a place with a privileged position according to the "Son Hoi Thuy", and its back leaning against the mountain - mountains The group of Vietnam, the face turns into the Red River - Cai River, Mother River. Photo: Sugarcane pagoda in Duong Lam.cho so far, a mysterious legend is still circulated at Lam Lam. Accordingly, Duong Lam Ancient village consists of nine villages, in which, Mong Phu village holds a focus position, playing a particularly important role in feng shui. Photo: Mong Phu village gate. Look an overall way, Mong Phu village is located on a dragon-shaped land: The dragon head is the place of the Altar, the two eyes are two wells, the dragon beards radiating the villages The tail squeezed into the neighborhood. Photo: Dinh Mong Phu. Truyen, two wells on either side of the butt are the two eyes of the dragon. Because the Dragon is streaming, a well-added water well and the other is punched
This dragon is the longen of street land. Photo: Water wells of Dinh Mong Phu Dinh. Thanh Hoang was worshiped at Dinh Mong Phu Dinh Vien Son Hoi. He was worshiped by the villagers thanks to the Protection of Shanxi land in the fight against the power of the glass. In the feng shui phoenix, Tan Vien Son is a strong spiritual spirit, causing the highness of the mountain Because and the surrounding lands in the intention to destroy male talents. Photo: Wood carvings at Dinh Mong Phu Dinh. The theory said that he had dug 100 wells around the Foot of Ba Vi Mountain, including LAM, to remove our country. But if you just dug near the well, that well was collapsed, so I had to give up. There was to be killed in 887, when the ploy was unsuccessful. It is impossible to be undergraded, a few dozen years after the road of Lam Sinh to Ngo Quyen, the founder of Ngo Ngo, the Ethnic Hero has missed Nam Han army in Bach Dang in 938. The readers watching videos: Yes A nutritious nutrition is so charming. Source: VTV Review.

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