Decorate The National Day Celebration 2/9 How To Solemnly And Still Carry ‘national Souls’?

Decoration of the National Day Celebration September 2 does not need to be too sophisticated but must be solemn, dotted with Vietnamese cultural details and note some of the following. Vietnam Ambassador in My Ha Kim Ngoc spoke at The 73th anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. (Source: INDUSTRY) Hanging flags at the National Day Celebration September 2 should be in line with the receptionist's reception registration rate / international organizations received. Usually hangs Vietnamese flags and countries / international organizations take. Vietnamese flags on the right stage (Look from the bottom up), Flag of International / International Organizations receiving on the left of the stage, or printing on fonts

. The stage of the stage has a brief content: "National Republic of Vietnam Vietnam Association September 2, 1945 -02 / 9 / ..
". Can be written in English / French or in two languages, Vietnamese and National Language Country Receiving or a commonly used foreign language in the international country / international organization receiving. Vietnamese writing on and abroad written under, written in flower printing, equal words, the same typeface (if the same Latin text). Features of the Representation Agency, it is possible to arrange the area to display a number of images and publications of culturally introducing the country of Vietnamese and regional people, or preparing souvenirs to donate when guests leave. (According to the State Reception)

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