Decorative Objects On The Car Can Be ‘bullet’ Injury

Decorative objects with small figurines, soft toys and many other types of omicides on the pitcher may look funny, but let's be aware of 9: 00/1: 16 nam nuoi, the road safety council Malaysia's MKJR (MKJR) has announced that the public should not attach accessories to the automotive control panel.Theo board, exhibits are usually made with a combination of glass and plastic. They have sharp edges and do not stick firmly on the side of the decoration. This type of decorations can cause damage to the person sitting in the car when the base occurs, these accessories may interfere with the process. Deploying airbags, making it do not work as expected

. What is worse, is the ability to high types of accessories that are turned into "bullets" in collisions. One shall be a shift at high speed , objects are very susceptible to the trajectory of airbags are shot. With a boom speed from 160 to over 350 km / h, the pieces of decoration can be shot like bullets, causing wounds Seriously, it is likely to be fatal
So before thinking about decorating your car with some favorite toys, just remember that the place is not bookshelves for discovering. Make sure nothing lies on the backpack, even the driver's eyeglasses should not be put on it, as it can fly straight into your face after an emergency brake.lam Anh

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