Deep Type In Vietnam, Such As Cordyceps, Expensive But Not Missing Buyers

Not only has the effect of enhancing men's vitality that dishes from this deep type also beautifies the skin for women.0: 00/2: 31 South regions are named "Cordyceps" of Vietnam, deep Chit is supposed to have a lot of good nutrients for both men and women to be purchased by many people. Chites are the larvae that live in the trunk of chites - Famous specialties in many northern provinces There are Lao Cai. At first glance, worms have a shape of silkworm pupae but smaller and longer. According to the experience of the locals, from November to January next year is the time of worm harvesting

. The way to distinguishes the deep chites is the stunter's stem, not flowering, big bulging. The chit after tightening will be separated to get a couple to get deep. The plum, these worms are released right into the diluted alcohol pot so that they are not metamoring and help deep dirt
Highlanders often use deep chit to soak wine or process into dishes such as roasting lemon leaves, burning fried powder, cooking porridge ... Buttians also use deep chits to boil with salt dots or stir-fry with pumps , Su Su.Create a round on forums, many sisters constantly tell each other about the miraculous use of deep chit and miserable to buy with this kind of natural "medicine" for the family, despite the price Expensively. It is difficult to preserve, so small injuries often sell drying deep, price of 3-4 million VND per kilogram (depending on size). Also with the deep perverts that split split off out of the chance were over a million dong. However, this type is usually sold when soaking them with alcohol to ensure the quality of limited quantities, guests want to eat 2-3 days in advance, if you want to put in a lot of time Week, even the month. Even so, it is still unresponsive to buy this deep species because besides the deep perverts, they have a lot of nutrients, it also has a lot of good effects for health. According to deep trade world, insects This has many effects on health, especially the ability to rehabilitate after irradiation immune system
Deep chit also helps to recover reproductive indicators and initially work to support the treatment of radiotherapy cancer patients. Deepness in the form of drying, powder tastes with sweet orange, revenue, according to the conception of folk has been used as "Cordyceps" - also called gamble. It has an additional effect, kidney supplementation, solar, sedative, easy to sleep, healing kidneys ... However, it is because this species is expensive, it is difficult to catch in the market of many dry products Fake, consumers need to be careful when buying. Usually dry deep perverts are yellow, inside hollow, have fats surrounded and sticky. Also with deep deep, soft body, full body yellow, thin skin, no legs, no fluff, the mouth and teeth of this type of baby with a black-breathable color. (Family and society)

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