Definite Wife Does Not Give Birth To The Afternoon … Young

I probably think I was asleep so I didn't need to keep it ideas when I'm married to talk to the phone with someone, that I'm not elected, giving birth now for me to keep my shape, keep the beauty Young'.0: 00/3: 33 Navigen illustration: Internet 30 years old, getting a boy, healthy, has an apartment for repair of electrical appliances and has an apartment in the Mi Ni apartment building, but undergone 5, 7 The last love I was still a single guy, although I actively searched for a half for myself because I wanted to soon stabilize my life as well as my father, my mother, when my sister has The first son was about to finish his level I. But his husband and wife was a debt grace, I accepted waiting for the luck. Think I will step through the old "triangle" in loneliness, odd you but suddenly I get love before that birthday anniversary. My brother is a genuine street girl, sneaking slightly, going to stand gentle and inferior I am 6 years old

. Mai name Mai is the younger daughter of the house hired me to come back to the entire electrical system because the power cord over the long time used was too old without safety. My job, I tried to do well with the conscience of a worker, who was paid by the owner worthy of me, but I naturally helped to get a job cleaner, to go to the words Thank you sweet made me really embarrassed. I don't stop, I find excuses forgetting the tool to come back to meet tomorrow
Mai enthusiastically launched every corner but of course the result is not because I have to forget it! The gain was satisfied after the search together was that I got Mai's phone number with an appointment: "When I will find me, I'll call you"! I save my number on the phone, I need to copy the kidneys My unlenser books because of the phone number of rows and trustees. I'm sure I don't have tools to work, the next day tomorrow called me, I can't find it to me and ask me to buy me another. So the person refused, repentant, I finally invited me to go to café with myself to "two so sympathetic"! ... From the first café to my wedding and apricot aptall less than 3 In the month, it is true that there is a grace, a new debt, so his wife, so the husband is quick, convenient like that! From the day of tomorrow, my small apartment unless her wife, her husband went to work, and was full of laughter, warmly loving. The first time I support the plan to postpone with tomorrow's children to enjoy me I love the Son, but then my parents look forward to it, urge me, and I feel older I am old as soon as possible, as possible, I will express my wish to tomorrow, but I don't hesitate from Deflating bluntly. From after disagreement of new members, I know tomorrow still sneaking on a contraceptive and every time your wife and husband are close. Mai is always awkward, not as salty as before. Thinking that his wife is young, not yet wanted to get into the children, so I also forgot to let the family atmosphere back to be peaceful and happy
My job depends on the customer, they need to meet when I have to respond at that time, even though it was late or dark at the end of the face. Mai outside 8 hours at the office I asked my friends to go to the supermarket, go to the spa , Going to entertainment, my ownership association is always happy with new dresses, new hair samples, genuine cosmetics that make me forget your promise when I'm a step to make my wife. Then I came to a young man with a young man who came to my ears as an inevitable thing. I haven't fulfilled the responsibility of a husband for my wife, I am planning to arrange the time to my wife and husband to sit together SHARE, but sympathy to pull happily marriage, but tomorrow night go home very late. I think I'm sleeping, so I don't need to keep ideas when I'm mourning to talk to the phone with someone, that I don't What to vote, give birth now let me hold the shape, keep the beauty "in the afternoon of young". Mai also makes my heart break when I assert that I took her husband to finish the parent, let my parents bring a voice with a daughter in the house, but I don't love me ... An Tri

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