Demonstration Protests Too Far Away Shopping Acts Of Black Friday In England

Protesters blocked the entrances at Tilbury Port in eastern England to disrupt the business activities of Amazon.0: 00: 00/1: 35 narrays illustrated. (Source: BBC) Environmental activists conducted protests outside 15 warehouses of Amazon retail group across the UK to express their strong opposition to consumer acts and shopping over the day "Black Friday" November 26 ("Black Friday"). The protesters blocked the entrances in Tilbury Harbor in the eastern England to disrupt the business of Amazon's business. Also gathered in other Amazon warehouses in Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol cities, as well as in Germany and the Netherlands

. The Externtion Rebellion movement, the demonstration team, has criticized the purchase event Shopping "Black Friday," said that this is a typical example of excessive consumer acts. This group of environmental protection activities, companies like Amazon have "taken advantage of" their desire People about convenience and promotion of rampant consumption to increase revenue despite damage to natural resources and fish habitats Well.Amazon has not yet commented on the issue on
Black Friday is a big shopping day with many deep discount incentives, helping retailers to boost revenue, and also the opportunity to buy many people Using the most anticipated in the year. However, this means increasing industrial production of all kinds of goods, contributing to the negative impacts on the environment.Azon has encountered many criticisms due to work Promote distribution of cheap goods that increase environmental pollution. In 2018, Amazon emits 44.4 million tons of CO2 to the environment - greater than Swiss carbon emissions ./. Phuong Oanh (VNA Vietnam)

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