Deputy Director C06: Liaing Residential Data To Prevent Epidemics

Leaders of the Department of C06 said the Ministry of Public Security is accelerating the progress of providing the VNEID application so that people easily declare medical medical on mobile phones. After the national chain of the national database project Population and citizen identity (CCCD), Lieutenant Colonel To Anh Dung, Deputy Director of the Police Department Administrative Management on Social Order (C06, Ministry of Public Security), said 2 administrative reform plans on Have brought many practical benefits. The celebration of the 76th anniversary of the tradition of Vietnamese people's police, Deputy Director C06 shared with Zing about the imprints and objectives related to the grassroots relevant projects National data. More than 200,000 police participating in CCCD-two national database projects on residential and CCCD attaching chips is expected to be the foundation to build and develop e-government, alternative to Management with paperwork. According to him, why are 2 projects considered a breakthrough in population management? - The Ministry of Public Security officially operated these two systems from July 1

. This not only creates a breakthrough in residential management, but also the platform for building and developing e-government, proceeding to society, citizen number. Through 2 projects, management methods Administration is also changed from paperwork to paper management methods. Thereby contributing to improving efficiency, promoting the number of numbers in all aspects of social life
People in Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, focusing on making CCCD with chips in the night. Photo: Viet Linh. In addition, the two national database systems also help manage people, from household registration books to electronic management through personal identification codes. The systems have been able to integrate with the national public service portal; With ministries, branches, localities and internationally available, at the same time, there are high security. The systems have been able to integrate with the national public service gateway; With ministries, branches, localities and are ready to connect to the National Assembly, dozen dozen dozen dozen doorrhea - To deploy and soon complete 2 projects, the Police Department administrative management on social order and police force nationwide How did every effort? - Two national database projects on residential and manufacturing, granting and managing CCCD are large information technology projects, implemented in a short time with workload giant, unprecedented in Vietnam. Besides, complex legal procedures and wide implementation range with more than 15,000 points from the central to commune levels. The number of residential information needs to be collected and cleaned is about 100 million in addition, the implementation of the Covid-19 epidemic situation has affected the progress. More than 200,000 officials and soldiers of the forces including the C06 Department and the police of units, localities have made efforts with the highest determination spirit, take advantage every hour, daily, night, go to each commune, ward and village village high. There are also distant areas, border border, island and mountainous areas. Many creative ways have been used with the motto "near night, far away, easy to do before, difficult to do later, episode middle before, dispersed later "
Many officials and soldiers must be away from family monthly, regularly focusing on wisdom, time and effort to make efforts to complete the assigned tasks. With the completion of mission, the campaign has recorded responsibilities, The dedication of hundreds of thousands of officials and soldiers. Many typical units and individuals have been awarded a medal for the central database of the National Database of Public Security. of citizens. Photo: Hoang Lam.- Please tell me now, how did the progress of 2 projects achieved? What are the results of the C06 after the implementation period? - Up to now, the C06 Department has formed a national data center on residential. From July 1, the Center officially operated two national database systems on residential and production systems, granting and managing citizen identities with chips. The C06 has been completed , supplementing residential information across the country, cleaning data, synchronizing to the system and issuing identifiers for nationwide citizens. Especially, in a short time, the C06 Department has completed the campaign deployment CCCD card level attached to citizens and leaves many nice imprints. To date, the whole country has received over 57 million CCCD, printing and paying over 33 million cards for citizens. The Ministry of Public Security is actively removing difficulties and problems to accelerate the progress of printing and paying the chip mounting card as soon as possible. The Ministry of Public Security will provide a medical declaration application - so the connection How has national databases with ministries, branches and localities have been deployed? Apply to the colonel to know the results? Connecting with Vietnam Social Insurance to implement citizen information authentication contributes to improving the effectiveness of medical examination and treatment activities. Korea has received over 57 million CCCD records, printing and paying over 33 million cards for citizens

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