Dermatologists Only Score The Habits That Make Skin Aging Fast

Washing face too many times or exfoliating too often will cause dry skin, easy to appear wrinkles, accelerating aging speeds.00: 00/4: 31 years of southernmost faces people with oily skin, easy Pouring oil often feels uncomfortable, wanting to clean the skin more carefully by washing up many times. However, this job is completely wrong because when you wash your face, the natural oil layer on the skin is washed away, causing dry skin, stimulating more oil. Oil excess oil on the skin can cause pores and pores. In addition, dry skin due to dehydration is easy to form wrinkles, accelerating the aging speed

. The specialist dermatological expert should only wash his face twice in the morning and darkness. Too much dead cells have too much dead cells that can hurt the top layer of epidermis, causing dry skin, easy to form wrinkles . The dermatologist recommends only to exfoliate for a maximum of 1-2 times a week
Choose a mild dull removal to remove dirt, excess oil from pores without hurting skin. Do not use sunscreen sunscreen is a shield, protecting skin from the harmful effects of the sun, The leading cause of aging. The dermatological expert encourages the use of sunscreen every day, regardless of the sun or rain, in the winter or summer, even if you are only in the house. The sleep momentaries make us feel tired, fast Become a panda because of dark circles, promote the aging process and shorten the life. Moreover, the late stay also causes the circulatory system and the nervous system is prone to disorder, causing the elasticity of poor skin, the skin is difficult to recover, so it will be dried and soon forming a further late. Fast skin is aging. Disposome time from 10 to 11 pm is your skin time in a rest state. Therefore, my sisters should go to bed before this time. Besides, sisters also need to make sure a sleep must last 7-8 hours. Also, staying up late is also the leading cause of her skin to become black
Because when you stay up late, the Melanin pigment will form very quickly so just after a night, our skin is dark. Therefore, if you want to have a smooth white skin, it's nothing better than going to sleep soon with a dry towel to clean your face with a dry towel that makes the skin vulnerable because the wall towel has a raw material. Not to mention, if not cleaning properly, the towel is easy to carry bacteria on the skin, leading to dermatology. Ideally, you should use a towel to use once to dry the skin. The hair when sleeping with a lot of dirt and lubricants you think. Let hair exposed to facial skin can infect dirt, bacteria, sebum ... on the skin, making the skin vulnerable. Ideally, hair tumors are neat when going to bed to limit hair exposure to facial skin. Do not replace pillowcases regularly Pillow is a place where many cells die, harmful bacteria "residence". If not regularly replacing the pillow, these bacteria are easily exposed to the skin, causing damage. The dermatology expert encourages pillowcases every 3-5 days. The excessive marketplay will often lead to an inevitable consequence that the skin is always sealed, thereby causing the secret, causing the skin to be "Asphalious", clogs pores and hinder sweat excretion. Along with that, our skin will produce more oils, attracting dirt, bacteria clinging to the skin. Thick makeup can help you get the perfect skin in a short time but leave Serious consequences for a long time. The makeup is too thick, too often causing the skin to be tough, easy to generate acne and appear early aging signs. Should limit the makeup too thick, make a skilled makeup after every day and try to make the face as much as many researchers say that if every day we eat a lot of salt to endure Excess excess salt salary can accelerate the aging process of the cell and increase the ability of heart disease. According to another study, if the body absorbs a lot of sodium every day, she not only faces danger The muscle with high blood pressure is further to make the skin weakened by the collagen in the skin affected strongly. Many salts make the cell aging process and increase the ability of heart disease. Many salts can cause skin to lose moisture, become dry and lack of vitality. Besides, the excess body salt is also an agent that causes wrinkles especially in thin skin areas such as the skin around the eyes, causing puffiness or eyeing with swelling. The most useful recommended for the girls is to restrict food too salty but instead drink plenty of water and eat a lot of vegetables every day to always be young, please eat sweets with too much sweeteners, molecules The road will stick with collagen on the skin, causing these collagen to lose flexibility, leading to the skin without elasticity, fast flowing and aging processes as well as wrinkles will take place earlier. Sweet too much causing saggy skin, aging. Too much of the other side eating inflammation, facilitating acne reactions and making

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