Designer Turns Western Cake Into ‘evening Dress’

Minh Cong designer takes pancakes, pigs and cassava ... shaping the collection of evening dresses.NTK Nguyen Minh Cong has just been randomly launched by BST name - FOOD | Mini Collection 2021, take advantage of food to design

. He said it is both a way for your passion for yourself to be happy to meet your cooking, dexterity of my handicap.00: 00/03: 20 "I use manocanh shaped paper and then Food designs up there. "Backdrops" I take advantage of banana leaves to create closeness, and have colors to help with their outfits
Banana leaves part with anti-stick effects should help the cake after decorating the food will be better ", Nguyen Minh Cong shares." The princess dress "white with the worm is used by NTK Nguyen Minh Cong The main raw material is a jackfruit and rice flour. The rice flour will after being stuffed carefully, slices that are thin on the jackfruit and bring the ripe to create a tendon that looks like a chiffon fabric. It is placed alternately created. "5-storey evening dresses" with 5 colors made up of toughened cassava fibers with the highlight are the Ombre section to switch from light to light, creating fibers Soft.Nguyen Minh public public cutting pieces of pieces into a triangle and meticulously assembled. Dozens of pieces are placing together that looks like fish fins with the bottom lined background is the green beans, creating Unique dress sets. "Princess dresses" made from sweet wet cakes are applied by NTK, soft, thin of the cake layer to make the floors look smooth and lively. Not only attract With two blue and white floors, Nguyen Minh Cong also used coconut and green beans to spread evenly to the body of the skirt that felt like the stones meticulously attached to increased more attractions. To make the dress set Unique design from the cake, Nguyen Minh Cong used a yellow cake, crispy and formed a skirt spare with the skirt legs that was blue of lettuce, herbs
Bean sprouts form white tassels. Inside and flexible substances are as vibrant of inserting fog sè pomegranate contributing to help the dress become luxurious and sexy. Colors from vegetables have helped the dress to tell a story of nature, there are cloudy clouds with young grasses, flowers ... use spoons, chopsticks, knives, scissors to make the main tools, ndk Every slices along the pig cake creates beautiful white-eyed white-eyed pieces. Has days in the countryside, Minh Cong parented her mother working, harvesting rambutan and many other fruits. Sports days for stretching, he and his mother in the cooking stove, treat the family of delicious dishes. In particular, the Western baked cakes in shaping dresses that make his friends enjoy and longing to enjoy.

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