Detail Ford Mustang 2022 California Special Version

Ford adds special California Special versions, Stealth Edition and GT Performance options for Mustang muscle cars. In 2022, Ford will equip some attractive updates for both Mustang Ecoboost and Mustang GT. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium 2022 will receive the Stealth Edition option with some exterior changes. Details such as Mustang logo, mirror ears, 19 inch aluminum alloy wheels .

.. painted black ball ebony. At that time, the rear wind wings and taillights with similar designs Mustang Ice White Edition specials
Customers can choose paint colors: Blue Atlas Blue, Gray Gray Gray, Gray Dark Matter and Black Shadow Black .The interior details of the Stealth Edition version with dim black and black balls alternating. In the same time, the special California Special version was released on the Mustang GT Premium line, with both fastback and convertible variants. Tran.The Bullitt, California Specialist, California Specialist has a Mustang logo and attached Add GT / CS logo. This weather is also found in many locations such as hips and lid luggage compartments. This version has 9 exterior colors: green Atlas blue, gray carbonized gray, orange cyber orange, gray dark Matter, Green Grabber Blue Metallic, Silver Iconic Silver, Red Rapid Red, Black Shadow Black and White Oxford White.Goods are wrapped Miko material, accompanied by red roads contrast. The California Special Logo is located in Taplo table, chair back, floor mats .
. Options GT Performance includes sports suspension, differential Torsen, Brembo 6 piston brake clamps, electronic balance systems are refined. ..FORD Mustang GT California Special still uses 5.0L capacity V8 engine, 466 horsepower capacity and 569 torque began to receive orders by the end of 2021. The new version of the Mustang will have face at agents in the first quarter of next year.

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