Details Honda Cb1000r 5four Special Edition, Price 23,600 Usd

The Honda CB1000R 5FOUR sold in the UK has a design of nostalgia inspired by motorcycles in the 1970s.Honda Britain has introduced a special copy for CB1000R to 2021 named 5Four. Honda CB1000R 5Four is a result of cooperation between Japanese automaker and Guy Willison, designer and motorbike and executive director of 5Four Motorcycle. The price of Honda CB1000R 5FOUR is 16,954 tables, equivalent to 23,600 USD . Honda dealers in the UK have begun to receive a deposit for CB1000R 5FOUR and customers can optionally paint colors for Willison's signature in the tail section

. Built from Honda's 1,000 cafe Neo Sports model, CB1000R 5Four has Nostalgic appearance is inspired by cars in the late 1970s in the early 1980s, the royal stage of a 4-cylinder motorcycle. Characteristics of Honda CB1000R 5FOUR is the end of Enduro-style lamps. Meanwhile, the new LED taillight has a rectangular compact design, instead of the semicircular lamp in the original vehicle
The special version of Honda CB1000R 2021 has the main red cardboard, combined with green paint strip- White vertical body. Here are 3 typical colors of Honda Racing Corporation - Honda sports racing parts. Meanwhile, the Honda logo shaped in the hall of the fuel tank was painted in yellow to create a highlights of the skin and embroidered with a red-colored pattern for the classic feeling, accompanied by the cladding There is a 5FOUR logo. Yen for the following sites are removed. Upgrade the performance from the Titanium RaceFit Growler X exhaust system, however, Honda does not announce the exact parameters of CB1000R 5FOUR. The feet of the foot need to brake, bike Be tweaked for the driver to have a lighter posture. 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels are held in black paint, suitable for the overall design of the car. In the standard version, Honda CB1000R 2021 is equipped with an I4 998 CC engine, producing a maximum capacity of 143 codes Maximum torque and torque 104 nm. The car has a 6-level hand gearbox with a fast and fast support mode. Honda's Nakedbike model is the competitor of Yamaha MT-10, Kawasaki Z1000 or Suzuki GSX-S1000
Theo Hoang Tuan / Zing

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