Details Honda Sh 350i Sports In Hanoi

Model Honda SH 350i Domestic assembly appeared in Hanoi before the official sale date. After nearly a month introduced to domestic customers, Honda SH 350i assembled in Vietnam has just appeared a motorbike store in Hanoi. Meanwhile, Honda Vietnam said this scooter to September 22 began to sell at credentials (Head). The car in the article was the SH 350i version of the Sports Proposal 147 , VND 49 million, and the high-end version costs VND 145.99 million

. Earlier this year, a few private stores distributed Honda SH 350i imported from Italy with selling prices up to 360 million dong. Honda SH 350i Sports has not been announced for details, the store side Only said the number would be slightly lower than the price of about VND 176-207 million that many heads are receiving the location of Zing, Honda SH 350i in the country is facing the current situation of 30-50 million Dong compared with the proposed price. Some high-end scooters compete with Honda SH 350i can include Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 HPE (155 million VND) or Vespa Sei Giorni II (199 million VND)
The Honda Sh 350i version is painted The main gray and have red and black decorative details for a dynamic, modern feeling. Meanwhile, the high-end version has a white or red paint color option. The situation of SH 350i's appearance is not too different from the two "brothers" cars as SH 125I and 150i. Not easy to distinguish fast 3 models Honda SH. Previously, the Honda SH 300i lives were often larger and have separate characteristics compared to 2 versions using 125 cc and 150 CC.Honda SH 350i engines equipped with 2 LCD monitors and capable Bluetooth connection with smartphone to display message notifications, calls next to the operating parameters of the vehicle. The IDLing Stop button position on the right-winter is replaced with the emergency engine off button commonly found on the large cubic car models. The remarkable safety features of SH 350i include 2-channel ABS braking system, Traction control system (HSTC), intelligent locking system Anti-theft and automatic warning lighting system when the braking is 805 mm high and suitable for the driver with a height of 1.7 m . Unlike SH 125i and SH 150i with gasoline lid located between the floor to the foot, SH 350i arrange a fuel tank below
This causes the capacity to be narrowed and the driver needs to step off when pouring gas.Honda SH 350i is equipped with an ESP engine with a capacity of 330 cc, single cylinder, cooled by solution. Maximum capacity of 28.8 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 31.8 nm at 5,250 rpm. This engine meets Euro 4 emission standards and has an average fuel consumption of 3.54 liters / 100 km, according to the manufacturer's announcement. At this time, Honda SH 350i mostly appears only at the doors goods in the northern region with limited quantities. As up to date, the heads in the southern region have not yet brought this model. Hoang Tuan - Tong Ha

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