Details Of All-terrain C-class, Mercedes-benz’s New Roar

Mercedes-Benz will officially introduce the All-Terrain C-Class model at the Munich IAA Mobility exhibition in the following month. After half a year to launch the new generation C-Class Sedan and Estate (W206), Mercedes-Benz continues Introducing the new user of this entry-level segment, which is the C-Class All-Terrain. Previously, All-Terrain variants appeared only on the E-Class.C-Class All-Terrain line created based on the Estate variant and added changes to the car suitable for moving on terrain More rugged. Compared to the C-Class Estate, ALL-TERRAIN is 4 mm long and 21 mm wide, the chassis is also raised by 40 mm, reaching 167 mm

. All versions of the All-Terrain C-Class are accompanied by Avantgarge exterior package with multiple highlights made from aluminum balls. Column B and black-clad glass, customers can spend more money to buy more Night Package packages with more black shiny details. Increasing the brightening range, C-Class All-Terrain is also equipped with suspension Before 4 links, 2 new driving modes and speed control systems when downhill 2 levels with the name DOWNHILL Speed Regulation
Mercedes-Benz also has upgrades that allow this model to add more secure and secure relays , such as the head of the electrical connection, electronic balance for the relay ... In addition, the C-Class All-Terrain also has the option to automatically adjust the corner of the driver when running at a speed of less than 5 km / H. All-Terrain C-Class driving compartment design can be said to be brought from C-Class Sedan and Estate almost completely. However, the steering wheel on All-Terrain is a round type, while the remaining 2 variants have steering wheels designing the bottom D-Cut. Interior space wears 2 tones black / brown or black and white. Electronic speed screen is 12.3 inch size, in the middle is the 11.9 inch wide entertainment screen similar to the S-Class line
The power supply for the C-Class All-Terrain is 2 engine options , including 2.0L gasoline with a generator that supports car boot and diesel 2.0L hybrid. The price of C-Class All-Terrain will be announced at the Munich IAA Mobility exhibition. The opponent of the C-Class All-Terrain only 2 models are Audi A4 Allroad and Volvo V60 Cross Country.Thien Nguyen: Carscoops

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