Details Of Vinfast Electric Car Duo Launched At Los Angeles Auto Show

Under the plan, VinFast VF VF E35 and E36 were sold in the US from next year. The price has not been disclosed but predictions can range electric SUV VinFast USD.Hai 40000-60000 VF VF E35 and E36 was officially unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show Exhibition 2021. Like the Paris Motor Show in 2018, VinFast Exhibition in Los Angeles is also the international media attention, marked the US market entry of Vietnam Nam.Chiec automaker introduced the first vehicle was Model E35 VinFast VF

. Similar to previous models of VinFast, VF E35 designed by Pininfarina - studio reputation of Italy. Car looks dynamic and sporty SUV with hybrid coupe.Cac vaguely recognize familiar characteristics of VinFast as strip lights positioned along stretched LEDs, connected to the V logo front light system is separate but not placed too far from the main lamp lights as VF E34 daylight
Wheels on the VF multispoke E35 design, two tone color. The design is quite similar to the wheels on the deluxe edition Lux A2.0 but shaped stunning 5-seater SUV hon.La class D, VF E35 has an overall length 4,750 mm and wheelbase 2,950 mm reach, little more than a few lines of luxurious bed vehicles in Vietnam such familiar Mercedes-Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Audi Q5, equivalent electric cars like the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E or BMW's interior iX3.Noi VF E35 has a modern design with a larger screen size of 15.4-inch centers. Vehicles without steering wheel clock. This information is integrated with the left side of the display medium tam.Chi Other notable details are VF E35 is no need of tradition. Instead, shift paddles arranged in the center console area
In addition, electric vehicles for the US market also has interior backlighting system, sunroof lon.Cac sized gadget features advanced entertainment may include vehicle voice control with natural language, intelligent virtual assistants, connect ecommerce applications, services ... in the US, VF E35 uses two electric motors mounted on 2-axle, for a total capacity of 402 horsepower and open- torque 640 Nm. 90 kWh battery pack comes, this car has a maximum operating range of more than 500 km.Nhung technology integrated on this SUV may include adaptive cruise control, lane adaptive control system driver aids intelligent system and minimize cham.Trong Meanwhile, the largest electric vehicle heading VinFast VF e36 E. SUV vehicle has an overall length of 5,120 mm, 3,150 mm wheelbase reached. This size is equivalent to the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Traverse, Hyundai or Kia Telluride Palisade. This is considered an advantage of VF e36 in the US market as this segment no nao.Kieu range electric vehicle's appearance also brings VinFast VF vaguely e36 Coupe hybrid SUV with the comfort hood later. Somewhat squarish lines and sturdy than the "junior" VF VF e35.Cac detailed vehicle e36 allows improved aerodynamics and extend the range of electric vehicles, including "curtains" in the hood and the front end to divert air from areas of high resistance, door handles, glass and flat with the body contour. Vehicles equipped with 22-inch wheels, 2 tones of the interior mau.Noi VF VinFast e36 exhibited at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 is shielded quite carefully, only to reveal part taplo table and steering wheel. Details in areas central control panel is hidden. But based on the image that the company announced, the cabin of the current VF pretty e36 dai.Man entertainment center large size. This SUV did not have dials behind the steering wheel and gear lever tradition. Central control panel with buttons and analog layout VF E35. 2nd row is quite spacious, with large pedestal armrests, door conditioning and an entertainment screen rieng.VinFast VF e36 equipped 2 electric motors, each motor has a capacity of 201 horsepower, for a total capacity 402 hp. 106 kWh capacity battery offering up to 550 kilometers activity - more than one electric model range farthest activity is Tesla Model S now Long Range (525 km). Also the car has the ability to self level 3. In the plan, VinFast VF VF E35 and E36 were sold in the US from next year. The price has not been disclosed but predictions can range 40000-60000 USD, as the two SUVs, are located in high-class cars. After debuting at the LA Auto Show, likely VF VF E35 and E36 may soon be released to customers in Vietnam in the coming time, probably early 2022. The sale price will be significant impacts to businesses of 2 cars. In Vietnam, VinFast initially a success, even in the US or Europe, new car company Vietnam started to take steps tien.Theo Vu Huynh / Zing

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