Details Yamaha Mt-15 2021 Has Just Been Released, The Price Is Over 65 Million Vnd

Yamaha MT-15 2021 has just been released in Malaysia with more impressive colors. Design and unchanged equipment compared to the old life. - Video close-up Yamaha MT-15 2021. Source: Motobike.00: 00: 08 | Malaysia Market, Yamaha MT-15 2021 Brings customers 3 Choose colors including gray, black and blue

. This Naked Bike has a listed price of 11,988 Ringgit (equivalent to 65.25 million VND) .Yamaha MT-15 2021 PLAYING APPLICATIONS AND PEOPLE
Car head with many strokes like the head of robots. The entire light system uses LED technology. Low headlights, just below the daytime lighting cluster. A corner fuel tank adorns the sporty looks for vehicles.Yamaha MT-15 2021. The size of Yamaha MT-15 2021 is 1,965x800x1.065 mm, the distance between 2 wheels 1.335 mm, wet weight 133 kg. Nyen height 810 mm, 155 mm roaring bright range. 10-liter fuel tank capacity, 1
05 liter viscosity vase capacity. The clock cluster is an LCD screen with high brightness to help the driver easily observe the basic information. The power of Yamaha MT-15 2021 comes from the SOHC 4 engine block, 4 valves, single cylinder with capacity 155cc, liquid cooled. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 19 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and maximum torque of 14.7 nm at 8,500 rpms / minute. The 6-speed gearbox combines with the assembly clutch .Yamaha MT-15 2021 uses a shocking fork in the form of reverse journey, shock absorber after monoshock, adjustable. The 5-shaped rims with a 17-inch diameter, covered with tubeless tires with the size of 110 / 70-17 m / c 54s (before) and 140 / 70-17 m / c 66s (later). Both cakes use a single disc. Some pictures of Yamaha MT-15 2021: Ngoc Han (according to Yamaha, Paultan)

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