Detect Species Of ‘jellyfish’ Giant Cannibal With Arms

Scientists on a submarine have spent enchanting films about huge carnivorous animals hiding under deep waters of Monterey Bay, California, USA.02: 00/1: 37 nouthern domains Giant hidden deep under the ocean floor to hunting with giant ghosts (Stygiomedusa Gigantea) was discovered by the Marine Bangs in the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Mbari) and this is one of the only nine times Mbari scientists discovered difficult creatures grasping in thousands of submarine diving of the Institute.Mbari said in a statement: "The giant ghost jellyfish was first discovered in 1899. Since There, scientists only caught this animal about 100 times "giant ghost, one of the largest jellyfish species on the planet, was discovered in the deepest places of all oceans around the world. Except the Arctic

. Even so, Mbari said, seeing this creature is still extremely rare, because it usually lives too far to humans or remote submarines accessible. There is no information about jellyfish, but the house The science assumed that it used his arms near his mouth, like the scarves left when waking up, to trap unfortunate prey and drag them into their mouths. The creature hidself through the ocean's dark depth of the ocean with the circulatory pulses from its faint-luminous orange head
It is one of the most common creatures found in the deep sea, body In their form of jellyfish, compressible can allow them to exist at extremely high pressure. However, many things about these brain-based creatures are still discovered. According to a 2017 study, this species is really one of the most important predators in dark depths, competing with species Other animals like ink, even blue whales to get food. Ha Thuutheo Live Science

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