Detect Traces Of A New Prehistoric Man In Israel

Recently, researchers at the University of Tel Aviv and University of Hebrew said the bone discovered 'a new prehistoric mankind' that the scientists never knew, promising to clarify the evolution of their children People 9:00 / 2: 55 Southern Southern scientists named this new discovery are "Nesher Ramla" by the excavation site name. Photo: in the excavation process at the quarry of a cement plant near Ramla city center, archaeologists have found prehistoric bone patterns unlike any species Which of Homos (Homo Genus), including Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens)

. The scientists named this new discovery are "Nesher Ramla" by the name of the excavation. In the study published on Science magazine, the anthropologist Yossi Zaidner and the leader of the archaeological group, said the remains above dating from 140,000-120,000 years ago. The morphology of Nesher Ramla has some Brush with Neanderthal and ancient people, but are very different from modern people in the skull structure, especially without huge chin and teeth
With people's remains, at this archaeological site still detected large amounts of animal bones and stone tools. Yossi Zaidner emphasizes archeological findings related to human bones showed nesher nesher ramla to own techniques T produces advanced stone tools and most likely they have interacted with native typical people. He stressed that scientists had never thought about being with the wisdom, the ancient man once existed so late in human history. The researchers said that some fossils discovered earlier in Israel Young to 400,000 years may also belong to a history of a history that has just been discovered. New destruction has shaken the hypothesis hypotheses that are widely accepted for a long time that Neanderthal is derived from Europe and then forced to Migration to the south to get rid of the glaciers is spreading. However, the Major Nesher Ramla findings make scientists suspect that this is the ancestor of Neanderthal in Europe. Doctor of Rachel Sarig University of Tel Aviv University, co-author of Research, emphasizing the discovery of Nesher Ramla has strengthened the role of Israeli land like "a crossroads between Africa, Europe and Asia", where different human populations interfering and then Spread throughout the old world. Sarig said that "small groups of Nesher Ramla may have migrated to Europe and evolve into Neanderthal, then continue to migrate to Asia and develop into populations There are similar features ". This also explains that some of the wisdom genes have been found in Neanderthal populations perhaps lived for a long time in Europe. Chris Stringer's Professor, belonging to a natural history museum in London, praised Phat Important of Israeli scientists, but expressed doubts before the statements of the relationship between Nesher Ramla with Neanderthal
He said that the association of some ancient fossils in Israel with Neanderthal was "a jump" too far at this time. Before, the Neanderthal's DNA researchers in Europe had suggested Survive of a Neanderthal-like population, called "missing population" or "X Population", may have been hybrid with the typical people over 200,000 years ago. In the study announced the discovery of Nesher Ramla, Israeli scientists said that this could be the missing link. Mai Phuong / News News

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