Detecting 1,500-year-old Villas Rarely In The Family Farm

The villa contains a large part of the history hidden beneath this farm in England for many centuries. The rare 1,500-year-old villas right in Family Farm Irvine live in Rutland, East Midlands is walking Around my family's farm, noticed some strange debris. Following traces and searching on Google Earth, Jim Irvine discovered villas from the Roman times that experts rated it to contain an important historical section.Jim Irvine said: "I noticed those Piece of ceramic, seashells, orange Roman tiles. I have searched for more information and consult a local museum before deciding to dig a groove of about 2

.4 meters long ". The rare mosaic painting describes the scene in Homer's 'The Llliad', the first painting found in England and is one of the least romantic paintings in Europe. The painting describes the story of the Ancient Greek poet Great Homer about Achilles hero and his battle with Hector at the end of the trojan war
Around 1,500-year-old art products create the wall in the Roman villas. Notably, next to the picture with many people's remains between the rubble. Mosaic is often used in both public buildings, family villas in the Roman Empire. While mosaic paintings often describe characters in history and myths, the painting found in Rutland is more unique because it describes Homer's classic works. The experts and villas once belong The wealthy family, knowledge of classical literature.John Thomas of Leicester University, the project manager about the excavation said: "This is the most interesting Roman mosaic picture in England. The rare painting gives us new looks about human attitudes at the time, their relationship with classical literature and individuals who have owned this work. This is a knowledgeable person In terms of classic literature, classics, rich people have a lot of money to make such a detailed picture ". Jim Irvine family has lived and worked on this land for three decades without knowing Go to 'History' buried treasure below. Jim Irvine himself is an engineer, he explains that farmers who work on farms are very busy, they must focus on work so they don't notice too much to anything below the soil layer
Duncan Wilson , Executive Director of the British History Museum said: "The discovery of a rare mosaic picture and Roman villas are remarkable. Such discoveries are important in understanding history. By Protecting this excavation site, we can continue to learn, expect other excavations in the future, to learn more about those who have lived here about 1,500 years ago ". )

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