Detecting Ancient 6,000 Years Old In Missisippi Crocodile Abdomen

In MissiSippi Crocodile Belly is an ancient of 6,000 years old that experts identified it is a weapon of 9: 00/1: 18 namcácá Missisippi longer than 3 meters of Smith, Hunter, shop owner Processing, hunting Red Antler Processing forest in Yazoo, America was stunned after the stomach test of the crocodile. He discovered an arrowhead and a water-shaped object inside. He said that the crocodile could eat the arrow someone shot at it. Crocodile weighs 340 kg, about 3 meters long, living in Lake Eagle.James Starnes, geological room director and surface mapping of the Mississippi environmental quality agency after considering the photo capture He said it was the arrow, the weapon of about 5,000-6,000 years

. The second object shaped water-based drops, about 1,700 years old. According to scientists, like birds, crocodiles have a strong teeth but still swallowing stones into the stomach. This action to help them digest dyspeptic dishes such as bones or accidentally swallowing when eating the animal alive
The strategy swallowing the stone can also help this wild animals maximize the time in the water. Without stone in the stomach, when swimming crocodiles are difficult to balance. This is not the only odd detection that hunters in the US discovered inside the swamp beast stomach. Earlier this year, another processing store found 5 dog necklaces inside the abdomen crocodile. Hang Dung (translation)

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