Detecting Asteroid Origin Causing Dinosaurs On Earth Extinction

About 66 million years ago, an it was estimated at 9.6 km wide, stabbed into the Earth, causing a series of Dai Thuy battles that led to the dinosaur's destruction. Now, scientists said that they knew where the object came from. The planet rushed into the earth causing great battles and caused extinction dinosaurs.Theo new study, the collision was due A giant asteroids from the outer areas of the main asteroid belt of the solar system, located between Mars and Jupiter, causing this area where there are many dark asteroids - the rocks are not The chemical composition made them seem darker (very little light reflexes) compared to other asteroids

. The clues about objects that make extinct dinosaurs previously found in the region Chicxulub Crater: a 145 km wide-shaped concave in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The localization of the crater has suggested that collision objects are part of the carbon chondrit class, a primitive meteorite group There are relatively high carbon rates and can be created very early in the history of the solar system. The previous researchers suggested collisions from one They asteroids from the inside of the main asteroid belt, but the next observations of the asteroids show that they do not have a suitable component
Another study, was announced in February on Scientific Reports magazine, said the impact was caused by a comet caused. But that study was criticized, according to a June article published in Astronomy magazine

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