Detecting Containers Carrying Dead Body And Human Brain, Police ‘stunned’ When Investigating The Truth

When opening the container, the police in Russia discovered a series of bodies and brains preserved in a frozen container.02 / 2: 00 Southern container car container Valeria Udalova blocked on a road in Moscow ( Russia). When opening the container door, the police discovered a series of bodies and brains preserved in a frozen container.Valeria Udalova and Danila Medevdev.pret, because of conflicts in dividing post-divorced assets with ex-husbands Danila Medevdev (41 years old), Valeria Udalova (59 years old) is determined to regain its part in the company

. It is believed that I have a construction of Kriorus, the company to preserve the body and animals with the technology "Frankenstein" , ie the method of using liquid nitrogen, to wait for the opportunity to "resurrect" in the future. According to Valeria, Danila obtained a lot of money from customers, even in England and the United States, then re-established his consistence from the company . She decided to divide the "property" by carrying the body, but was prevented by the police
"The police did not catch Valeria. She escaped with some customer's brain in stock, "Danila said. Medvedev and Udalova, the old boss of Kriorus and currently running Open Cryonics Company in Tver, all claimed to be the owner France of the body was found by the police. The authorities are evaluating the parties' testimony, and asking them to ensure that the bodies are integrity, including people and animals. Fear that many bodies have been damaged in this adventurous "robbery". In the Valeria section, she claimed to be the legal owner of Kriorus. The whole body preservation cost is about 26,000 pounds (about VND 813 million), or the customer only needs £ 11,000 (344 Million VND) Only to store the brain. About 82 The body is in the warehouse of this company, including 25 foreigners. Among the frozen brains in the store in Moscow there was Dr. Yuri Pichugin, who died in 2018 after inventing the famous Pornstar Martini cocktail
People believe that a brain can "revive" For decades or can be implanted into another person's body in the next century.

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