Detecting Many Ceiling Traces At Binh Long Pagoda (bac Giang)

In the morning of August 18, at the Museum of Bac Giang Province, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Culture, Sports and Tourism (VHTDL) coordinated with the National Museum of History to organize a preliminary report on the archaeological excavation results Binh Long (also called Bat Nha Pagoda), Huyen Son Commune, Luc Nam District (Bac Giang). The Conference has leaders with the Department of Culture and Tourism, representatives of the National History Museum, Luc Nam District People's Committee, Huyen Son commune, one Number of experts ... Implementing the guidelines of the Provincial People's Committee on implementing the project "Investing in restoring relics according to the Dharma Dharma Buddha Hoang Tran Nhan Tong", Binh Long Pagoda is one of 10 points of the temple The western flank side needs to be studied, recovered, embellished

. Dong Chi Tran Minh Ha, Director of Bac Giang Department of Culture and Tourism speech at the conference. From July 10 to August 5, 2021, Department of Culture and Tourism coordinates National History Museum of Archaeological Exchanges Location Binh Long Pagoda, Belongs to Thôn Chua, Huyen Son Commune. Binh Long Peaceful Traditional Folk is Buddhist Center, Ly Ly - Tran Ly - Tran Ly Honest relations with V Pagoda Định Nghiện (Yen Dung) and Zen Truc Lam Yen Tu
The ceiling, Binh Long Pagoda campus is large, wide throughout Bat Nha mountains. Le - Mac, the temple was moved to the foot of the ceramic mountain. However, due to the devastating time and war, the temple becomes ruins, only the wall traces are built by technical submission.Quang Conference scene. In nearly a month, researchers have advanced Surrirational, excavated with an area of more than 200m2, focusing mainly in the central area of the temple background. The results found traces and traces of architecture of Binh Long Pagoda through the stages of construction and changes, lasting from the XIII century - XIV (Tran Dynasty) to the beginning of the twentieth century (Nguyen Dynasty). In it, have detected the traces and relics such as: nails, steps up and down, columns, stones to take fire, soil pot, vase, crockery, piece of bowl, ceramic plate, incense ... together Piece of other relics
The delegates visited artifacts were excavated. At the conference, the comments highly appreciated the spirit of responsibility, the close coordination between the National Museum of History and Department of Culture and Tourism In the excavation process with new findings on architectural and valuable relics of Binh Long Pagoda over the periods, especially the tracing time. The results of the research and excavation have clarified and supplemented awareness of history, scale and structure of Binh Long Pagoda Architecture, as a basis for ranking of relics soon to have a plan to conserve and embellish. Opinions to the authorities, functional branches, related units for consideration and early planning of Binh Long Pagoda, surrounding areas and spatial expansion; There is a plan to protect the archaeological excavation premises to promptly prevent the process of building, destroying and improving crop land, deforming landscape, space of relics. monuments are excavated at Binh Long Pagoda Continue to study the survey and excavation of archaeological surrounding the relic but based on practical conditions and faculty bases to clearly determine the ground, scale and structure of architectural works through stages . This will be an important material evidence, providing scientific materials, ensuring accuracy, true, integrity, necessary for the construction of UNESCO submission records to recognize the relic population And the list of Yen Tu in 3 provinces: Quang Ninh, Hai Duong and Bac Giang is the world cultural heritage, creating a spiritual tourist highlight of Bac Giang Province.Tin, Photo: Shenzhen

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