Detecting ‘monster’ Species Specializing In Giant Birds

Haast eagle lives in New Zealand, they weigh up to 15kg and claws up to 9cm long, wingspan up to 3m.0: 00/1: 35 Nou southernist scientists recently announced a large eagle species Most existed. Accordingly, this "monster" species is a predators like a modern child but has a habit of eating vultures. This giant bird is called Haast eagle, they hunt, tighten and Piercing the prey with his sharp claws. Even they pull their heads inside their prey and enjoy their organ meal

. For a long time, scientists have argued about this eagle as a predators like modern eagle species or Scavengers like vultures. Their feet and nails are like an eagle while some other agencies are like vultures. The giant eagle and the nightmare of the bird's naught techniques now helped them simulate, compare them with species Birds are alive
After analyzing, they are concluded that eagle-like prey is still as a vulture. Haast Babies live in New Zealand, they weigh up to 15kg and claws up to 9cm long, wingspan up to 3m. Their main prey is the Moa bird, large birds and unknown flying. This bird also has a lot in this island before the extinction is about 800 years ago. One of the reasons for these two extinct birds is caused by Maori who landed to the island, hunting Moa birds and Destroy their habitat. The innocent hunting of people accidentally caused the eagle to lose the source of food and extinct. As for his natural enemies, the Moa bird is also a giant bird. They have a height of up to 3.7m when stretching their neck and weighs about 230kg.

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