Detecting New Plants In Vietnam: Extremely Rare And Dangerous!

Recently, scientists have discovered a new plant species in Vu Quang National Park extremely valuable and in extremely dangerous condition.Theo research has just posted in international magazine specialized phytotaxa, Newly announced plants have a scientific name as Beilschmedia Di DiKiii named Vietnam "Pre-Dlassiii" belongs to the camphor family (Lauraceae). Cours of camphor plants are one of them very diverse about species composition Vietnam, as well as in Vu Quang National Park, with values on medicinal and essential oils.Theo descriptions, "coupling" species have a number of distinct characteristics with the species of "Beilschmedia Record and describe earlier with the characteristics recorded: 5 - 8 m high wooden tree. Gray brown shells

. Egg buds, 1-2mm long, sharp peaks, have many iron-colored feathers. Yellow flowers come to yellow green. The tree has a lot of fluff when young, bright, gray brown
Near growing leaves; Foil stalks are 0.6-1.3 cm long, with many iron-colored feathers when young; Egg shaped leaves, 8-19.8 × 3.5-10 cm, thin cone, surface, except the middle tendon and side tendons have black, edge, root wedge shape to pointed, tendon in the middle Axial direction, clearly floating at the edge, side tendon 12-15 pairs of chucks in armpits, 2-3 (-5) cm long, (3-) 10-15 flowers, the grooves have a lot of brown yellow feathers . Yellow flowers to green gold; stalks are 0.8-3 mm long, thick hairy; Northern leaves shaped eggs 1-2 mm long, colon 6, egg shapes to wide egg shapes, 2-3.5 × 1-2 mm, sharp peaks, low-yellow brown feathers at both surfaces. 9, 3 rounds , the first and second round in the inner, the third round of foreign, stamen in the third twist with a pair of glands at the root; Stretching 0.4-0
7 mm long. Oval fruit, 5-8 cm long, 2-4 cm diameter, peak to round, smooth, green to dark green in reddish brown; Fruit stalks are 0.5-0.6 mm thick. It is known that the name of Beilschmedia DiThiii is named after Mr. Nguyen Danh Ky - Director of Vu Quang National Park, a very enthusiastic individual and has made contributions. Much big for scientific research and biodiversity conservation in Vu Quang National Park in recent years, as well as supporting the research team in collecting and exploring this new species. DiCongiii "with a living environment in the area of Vu Quang National Park with primary forest habitats, common green leaves distributed at an altitude of 80 to 170 m above sea level. is 0.059 km² and the filling area (AOO) is 8 km², based on the criteria of the IUCN International Nature Conservation Alliance (2021) species assessed by the team and proposing conservation levels is extremely dangerous level (CR) C2A (II). The content and research results of the new species Beilschmedia danhkyii are posted by the author group in Phytotaxa International Journal of Phytotaxa (32) in December 2021, this is A reputable scientific journal is in the list of Isi magazines. Lauraceae is a flowering plant located in the laurel (Laurales). They contain about 55 spending and over 2,000 (can be 4,000 more) widely allocated around the world, mainly in tropical areas, especially in Southeast Asia and Brazil.Wells are mainly the This kind of wood or dusty tree has a fragrance, but only sassafras and one or two other items are so-falling plants, and Cassytha (green silk) is a spent of living vines. Video: Beautiful natural landscape in the world's fewest countries. Source: VTCThùy Dung (T.H)

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