Detecting Pyramid 1,500 Years Of Construction Materials From Volcanoes

The Mayan has built a Campana pyramid with the main material to kill their civilization.0: 00/2: 07 namtheo live science, scientists discover Mayan people to build pyramids Campana about 1,500 years ago from volcanic stone pieces splashed in an eruption. Huge massive pyramids 22m, located in the ZapotIt Valley, near Old Village San Andrés. This ancient village was buried by thick ash and hot stone materials after the eruption in 539 after Cong Nguyen, where capital was only 40km from the volcano. Although not being directly burned down, the village inevitably the rain of ashes from super volcanoes

. The eruption was named Tierra Blanca Joven (TBJ), considered the largest volcanic events of Central America for 10,000 years via. The mountain creates a tens of kilometers long lava lines, giant dust injections that make the Northern climate to hemisphere. Due to the destructive power of volcanoes, scientists have said that many Mayan's settlements in the region can become a deadly land for centuries
However, the Mayan returns to much earlier than attended theirs. The study led by Professor Archeology Akira Ichikawa from the University of Colorado (USA) said the Mayan began to start the pyramid for about 5-30 years after the eruption. New Zone also revealed, people Maya uses ash and cold stones from volcanoes, mixing with land to build a solid foundation for the pyramid named Campana. This may reflect the spiritual meaning of the volcano in Maya culture, according to Ichikawa. Real photos about the intact structures inside and the 3D map of the pyramid. Photo: University of Colorado.Kim Campana pyramid is about 13m tall, built on the top of a 6m high pedestal, 80m long and 55m wide. This pedestal also has 4 large steps and a large staircase in the center. This is the first public building in San Andrés after the TBJ eruption. The deeper tests below the volcanic dust ash insisted that it was only built after the disaster by before super volcanic eruption, where there was no construction structure
By year 620, Loma volcano way That 6km eruption, the pyramid continues to be "upgraded" and becomes massive. Under the pyramid shadow, the villagers gradually return to the valley and live there until their civilization collapses. Flowers (T / H)

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