Detecting Skeletons Clarify Ancient Pompeii Culture

Archaeologists have discovered a bone in a good preservation situation in Pompeii (Italy) to clarify the mystery of funeral rituals, cultural activities in the ancient city has been destroyed from the imperial market Rome. The grave area is found in PompeiiiiBrails that are found to be of a man about 60 years old. The remains were found in a grave dating back to Pompeii's last decades, before the city was devastated by Vesuvius volcano in 79thaire. A line inside the tomb has named the man He is Marcus Venerius Secundio. The words also mentioned the performance at the theater in Pompeii in Greek

. This is the first time the archaeologists find live evidence of musicals performed in Greek as well as Latin.Gabriel Zuchtriegel, Pompeii Archaeological Park Director said: "performances In Greek is held as evidence of vivid and open cultural atmosphere, the typical of the ancient Pompeii city ". In the latest statement, the park side said it was a skeleton preserved The best found here
Signs show that the corpse is also done in part with hair and ears still evident on the skull. Two cremation flasks are also found in the tomb campus. The irre to be found inside the throne of the archaeologist also found debris that is the ability to be fabric in the grave area and is studying to see whether the man's body He get marinated before burial or not. Some dedicated fabrics have been identified used to marry from ancient times. Currently, the name of Marcus Venerius also appears in another city repository. Scientists said he could be a public slave and a view of the woman's temple. This person was later released and the big tomb showed him to a certain social status before died. Temporary tombs have not allowed visitors due to outside the city's boundaries. Pompeii officials said they were considering how to open the entire public. # 23km from Naples city to the southeast, Pompeii used to be a living site of about 13,000 people before being buried by ash of volcano
This location was not discovered until the unearthed excavations began around 1750. Archaeological events were continuously implemented to find the ruins of a forgotten city. Pompeii is currently one of the most attractive tourist destinations today in Italy.Nam Anh (according to Reuters)

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