Detecting The Gorgeous Valley And Cliff Hidden Under The Atlantic

Scientists have discovered the underground block (a sediment layer of a dissolved water channel formed below an iceberg), in a tunnel valley at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.0: 00/2: 09 NAMDAGING VALUATION AND GLOAD FAMILY NEWS BEAUTIFUL AT THE HIGH-ROOPERATURES THROUGH THE FACTORY OF 3D A Large Schedule Of The Valley The Tunnel Hidden Tunnel Currently And Bending Surrounding Place Once A Landscape Covered by Tape. These valleys are the ruins of ancient rivers that have drained water from melting ice platforms. Now, scientists have the most obvious view of these ancient rivers. They are buried more than 30cm on the seabed and huge (about 1 to 6 km wide)

. The new image shows that small, fragile sediments, larger sediment walls can be lengthened and the The crater is called the kettle hole due to the melting ice blocks to leave. The main false false of the James Kirkham study, the marine geophysics at the Antarctic Surveying Agency of England and Cambridge University, he said : "We do not expect to find the footprints of this iceberg in the canals. And that tells us, in fact, the tape has interacted with the channels more than before
"These rivers are traces of glaciers leaving 700,000 to 100,000 years ago, when Most North Sea, as well as two-thirds north of the UK and the entire Ireland is often buried under giant icebergs. In the period of climate warm up and withdrawal tape, these icebergs discharged water through the water The glacier is hidden beneath the ice. These glaciers have left their markers on the sediments below. After that, more sediments overlapping on when the tape disappears, forming deep marks Under the seabed.Kirkham said, the terrain inside the tunnel valleys should be a complex picture of the retreat of the ice. Sometimes, there are signs of withdrawal quite slowly and firmly. in other points, The glaciers are marked with small, fragile greens showing fast and dynamic ice flows, Kirkham said. Another sign shows that ice and water surges quickly The points that a large iceberg has separated from the main iceberg and moved to a new position that was eventually stuck and melted. The underwater tunnel valley is an interesting picture of the past and possibly Help predict the future. If the climate becomes hot enough, one day Southwest can look like the Atlantic 100,000 years ago
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