Detecting The Horror Behavior Of Butterflies

Butterflies are supposed to be innocent small creatures but recently, scientists discovered male butterflies and drinking them in Indonesia. Live Science said that this is the first time scientists noted The horror behavior of butterflies. In the process of observation, scientists are expert by Yi-Kai Tea, the University of Sydney (Australia), which has discovered the "dark face" of mature male butterflies In North Sulawesi province - Indonesia. They use small claws in their feet to "tore caterpillars and suck liquids to rush out within hours", whether caterpillars are alive or dead. According to research, caterpillars eat toxic plants and secret Substance to protect yourself

. This chemical is an obstacle to predators such as birds and also found on butterfly wings. Notably, that chemical helps male butterflies create pheromone mating as a "flirtatious gift" attract butterfly. Male is sort of liquid from alive and dead caterpillars
Photo: Live Sciencet here, already reported that male butterfly "eats insects containing chemicals" but this is the first time scientists discover them "meat" caterpillars. Scientists recorded this scary behavior for the first time in 2019 and named it in the term "Kleptopharmacophagy". After a caterpillar "torn" by male butterfly, the scent from the revenable wound Smoking other male butterflies and encourages them to expand tears to suck liquids. Yi-Kai Tea said that there are still many questions to answer, such as chemicals that attract male butterflies to seek Butterflies and male butterflies elsewhere in the world have the same behavior like that or not. The study was published in Ecology journal on 8-9. Yi-Kai Tea expert said it could help a lot in studying the behavior of the butterfly in the future. Pham Nghia

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