Detecting The Peak Of 33,000-year-old Pyramids Emit The Mysterious Wave Sent To Space: Aliens Are Communicating With Each Other?

The Sun Pyramid is the most reciprocious concretely, the intellectual challenge of humanity.0: 00/2: 39 Southern archaeologists found the pyramid in Bosnia in 2005 and failed Guess they have at least 33,000 years of age and a mysterious calendar. This pyramid is located in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, is named by experts "Sun Pyramid", around it has 4 needles sub tower. He discovered they were Dr. Osma

. His discovery shocked the whole world and attracted many archaeological experts to study academic. All experts ask questions that this is just a mountain shaped pyramid development itself Fuel or artificial works. The more amazing thing is that there are 5 high-level scholars of Egyptian pyramids that have not been able to identify this as a modern product or an ancient person
Some evidence has shown the solar pyramid that emits electromagnetic waves. The specialized recognition This is a product of human civilization, not only that, this project has a history of 33,000 years, even longer than a long time More than the oldest egyptian pyramid. Bosnia's National Geological Science Institute conducted a series of trials for the soil layer of the sun pyramid and concluded their "age" not less than 12,000 years. Sun pyramids in Bosnia (photo : Sohu) After analyzing satellite images, Senard geological engineers have drawn real 3D models and finds the height of the minimum pyramid of 380 meters. However, in ancient times, the sun pyramid even was 100 meters higher than today. Because the surrounding area has experienced ice melting, floods that make the geological class repeatedly swept away and finally the majority of the pyramid was buried in the sand. The face of the sun pyramid corresponding to four East, West, South and North. According to geologists, this project has a lower error than Egyptian pyramids about 15 times. Some people discover that the pyramid emits the mysterious electromagnetic wave, Does it have anything related to an alien civilization? In 2013, a research institute of Ukraine took a underground concrete pattern from the Sun Pyramid and conducted radioactive carbon. Through research, experts discovered that the top of the solar pyramid continuously emitted a mysterious electromagnetic wave on the sky, and its range beyond the earth
However, when the specialists Researching the density of the electromagnetic wave density, the more it goes to the higher the reaction of the electromagnetic force. These evidence shows ancient times that have appeared a technology far beyond compared to the present. Some scholars speculate that there is a source of electromagnetic broadcast from non-artificial on the bottom of the pyramid and it has been 30,000 years Age. However, experts have not been able to properly explain the true effects of the Sun Pyramid and it is still a mystery that needs deeper analysis in the next study. Thuy Anh / Fatherland newspaper

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