Determined To Pursue Passion, The 9x Boy Succeeds In The Field Of Communication – Marketing

Behind each person's success is a non-stop process effort, but there is also a bravery and aspiration of each person. Talking about the bravery we cannot help but mention the Hung Nam delegation, the 9x boy gives up the supermarket management work to the media partner of many brands, big companies, ... aspiring to pursuit Maze of the boy's boy, if he can choose three words to say about this guy, it is probably "aspiring", "vigorous" and "accepted"

. After graduating from the UK college was accepted immediately as a manager of a famous supermarket in Vietnam, making the time when he always felt something that made him confvy. It wasn't until 2016 when the technology era broke out strongly he realized what made himself unsatisfied with this stable job. What you like is really the media - marketing industry
I love you, I just went to work and learning about this industry. Finally with the bravery of a person who is not afraid of difficultbling, he accepted existing jobs with a bachelor's degree in accounting to pursue his passion for media - marketing. Now there are many people who think he succeeds by eating luckily, whoever doesn't do it. But really behind the successful smile that anyone knew that he had to undergo a challenge. Abandoning the stable job he received a series of criticisms from both family and friends. Mr. Nam shared "that time he was very pressure, no one had faith in him. He started starting with the cumulative capital for a few years without dare to ask his parents ". By the time I shaking hands on the new job, he saw this environment a lot of volatility and always changed every hour. To follow the policies of facebook, google, youtube,
. is not easy, but Mr. Nam is still discouraged, every day he updates new knowledge to himself to keep up with the platforms this. It was true that in the circumstances of others we could see their struggle. He shared him many times had failed, but he decided not to give up because he believed that he was successful. The first time he built his reputation with many projects such as running advertising, supporting free sales to customers with the best experiences of themselves ... with the mind and dedication in the profession gradually He took the trust of customers, then the person introduced the other to help him become a media partner of many brands, big companies, ... the 9x boy with his first result. NVCC photos with 5 years in the job has created a small company and recruiting you with the same passion like you. The 9X young boy shared "looking back on this 5-year period It really doesn't really be short but it is both the enthusiasm and his efforts. From white hands now he has gained certain successes for themselves. He was able to serve his parents and obtain his comfortable life like buying a house, buying a car, traveling, ... with the prestige of themselves and the trust of many people now own Facebook Personally over 40,000 followers and also own a lot of groups, the community grew up to millions of participants aim to share life or entertainment experiences, ... Fire forever enthusiastic flames with profession in China British income per month above 100 million. Mr. Nam believes that only we have passion and aspirations will be able to make dreams into reality. There is nothing more wonderful when working with the passion but the passion is so successful. Besides, the confidence of customers for him is also what makes him make efforts to bring more perfect services. From the achievements after a British journey gradually confirm itself in many Different positions. Sharing about the upcoming plans He said he will continue to improve itself and develop the company to be able to serve more customers and try further in other potential areas. Ending the wishes to him and the upcoming plans to succeed and get more and more new projects.

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