Development Experience Of Southeast Asia Startup Companies

Strategy to attract large foreign investment funds, then gradually penetrate into the local market there are more and more young companies: 00/3: 19 men Call Grab technology car. Photo: Reuters New here, a series of leading Southeast Asian technology companies have expressed their intention to offer to sell shares for the first time (IPO) abroad, in which Indonesia's GOTO Group is the latest case. Strategy to attract large foreign investment funds, then gradually penetrate into the local market there are increasing many young companies. Before Goto, "giants" providing graf-based services in Singapore have announced the IPO plan in the US later this year, through merging with Altimeter Growth venture capital company. GOTO was born from the merging agreement between the Gojek car call and the Tokopedia e-commerce platform for IPO purposes in the US and Indonesian stock markets

. Gojek, Tokopedia and Grab only work only about 10 years . However, the value at the time listed by Grab estimated to reach nearly 40 billion USD and GOTO is expected to have equivalent value. This number is double that twice the size of the giant Japanese e-commerce group Rakuten Group
The extensive smartphone use trend of users is considered to be the key to a strong and strong Southeast Asian technology startups in recent years. This allows them to develop and provide innovative services to support public financial and transport sectors, which are being considered underdeveloped in the area. In the region, with a population foundation More than 650 million people in Southeast Asia, the potential of startup companies in the region are rated as very positive. Although Grab and other technology startup companies still need to find ways to develop in scale Just made a profit, because they are still in a loss. However, what these companies are doing can be treated as an example of other Asian-regional entrepreneurs, such as in Japan, where the private sector is facing difficulties in development. In terms of scale. First, companies need to ensure that they attract cash flow from around the world. Grab and Gojek have mobilized a huge amount of money from the link funds of Softbank Multinational Telecom Company, while large overseas companies like Google are also willing to accept risks in exchange for profits High start-up companies then allocate this capital to the business areas with high growth rate - a move can help them dominate the high market share. Many targets are localization of translations service. Young startup companies are trying significantly to meet the needs of the local market needs
This allows them to build a separate digital ecosystem to avoid direct competition with giant rivals such as Example, Grab has become indispensable in Southeast Asia by expanding Services from booking to food delivery and online payment. Third is a combination of businesses to pave the way for new services. The most typical example of this condition is the consolidated agreement between the two "giants" Gojek and Tokopedia of Indonesia. Their combination aims to create a unique business where the driver has It is always possible to deliver online delivery. The experts said that to blow a new wind into the economy, the business area needs breakthrough walks. Starting companies with a long-term business model and have financial support play an important role across Asia, especially in countries like Japan, where many large corporations are Stuck in a vicious circle between low growth and go backwards. Therefore, companies need to think thoroughly and seize the opportunity ./. Phuong Nga / BNews / TTXVN

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