Development Of Eco-tourism, Relaxation And Entertainment Of Melaleuca New Year Forest

When it comes to tourism (DL) ecology in An Giang, many visitors think immediately to Melaleuca forests. In addition to Tra Su Melaleuca forest (Tinh Bien district), Melaleuca Tan Lien forest (Tri Ton district) is a DL attraction attraction. The Melaleuca Forest is considered to be a form of Melaleuca forest and a typical seasonal flooded meadland of Long Xuyen quadrangle. There are many plants and rare fishing fish in An Giang province and issued Decision 2757 / QD-UBND, dated 17 -11-2021 Approving the Scheme on Ecology, Resort, Entertainment Protection Zone Landscape Forest Melaleuca Forest, Phase 2021-2030. The protection and development of forests will help preserve natural and biodiversity ecosystems for DL services, contributing to sustainable development of Mekong Delta adapting to climate change

. Landscape protection Tan Lan Melaleuca forest has an area of 256.39ha, located in Tan Tuyen commune (Tri Ton district), the East borders Tan An hamlets, Tan Duc and the axis channel No. 10; The West borders 30C sub-zone (Tan Duc hamlet); South borders channel No
4; The North borders on the provincial road 943 and Huhui Canal. This is a special-use forest is a wetland ecosystem with typical wetland habitats of An Giang province and Long Xuyen quadrangle: habitat of flooded Melaleuca forest; habitat, ditches and lotus plant species, guns, duckweed; Living landscape of grasslands and swamps under the season. There are 154 species of plants, belonging to 122 spins, 52 families of 2 high-level plant sectors with ferns (polypodiophyta) and Ngoc Lan (Magnoliophyta). In particular, an elaeocarpus hydrophilus is a plant with a vegetable "red book" of Vietnamese plants (2007) at an endangerment. Tan Lien Melaleuca forest has 63 species of waterbirds, in which golden breasted sparrow (Emberiza Aurela) is a precious and rare species. There are 82 fish species of 26 families and 9 sets. In which, Catlocarpio Siamensis) and squirrel tea (Probarbus Jullieni) are precious and rare species, named in Vietnam "Red Book" (2007) and "Red Book" IUCN (2014). Supporting nature , Development of tourism according to the scheme, the landscape protection area of the Melaleuca forest is a special-use forest, ecological DL types that can be done in this area, including: visiting habitats and submerged land resources water; Entertainment and relaxation in peaceful and fresh forest environment; Discover typical characteristics of natural resources; Scientific research on Melaleuca forests and wetlands, especially seasonal flooded meadow habitats; Experience the cultural strokes in the traditional community, the traditional cuisine of the local community. Functional zones of the Landscape Landscape Landscape Protection area, including: strict protection zones 81.85ha; Ecological restoration zone 94
06 ha; Services of service - administrative 80.48ha. In the 10-year period, by 2030, the strategy of developing eco-ecological, resort and entertainment development strategy in the Zone Landscape Landscape Protection Zone is considered to develop ecological DL as one of the major activities of the Board Management of An Giang Province Protection and Speciality Forests. This is both a operation contributing to nature conservation, and contributes to economic development, local DL.Theo Vice Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee Tran Anh Thu, the development of DL here to increase Head of economics but must maintain the value and function of natural ecosystems, landscapes and natural DL resources. Resolutely do not trade in natural ecological value with economic benefits. This is the basis for choosing investors actually have DL products responsible for nature. Investors need to establish DL products using unique and typical values of Melaleuca forest ecosystems and wetlands, which contain typical values of Long Xuyen quadrangle through Phuong use of eco-resource and landscape use of eco-ecological, resort and entertainment development in the Melaleuca Tan Lien forest landscape protection area is not to exchange Melaleuca forest ecosystems, wetlands and talents Raw Natural Nature Get Economic Value. The amount of guests must be reasonable, do not overload the impact on the ecosystem. Must maintain the "nature" calculation of the flooded forest. Need to build DL infrastructure works but architectural designs must be modern, the work designs must be appropriate and honor the natural landscape of a wetland area of alum forest, with the function The energy of special-use forests is a landscape protection area. Must ensure harmonization of responsibilities and benefits between investors with forest owners and residential communities in the area. Types of DL are invested in special-use forests according to the provisions of Decree 156/2018 / ND-CP of the Government, including: ecological DL, resort dl, entertainment DL, but the DL product must be Diverse and containing the cultural identity of An Giang Local Local In particular and Long Xuyen quadrangle in general ... Minh Thu

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