Development Of Vietnam Aluminum Industry, Topal Consecutively Launches New Products For American, Canada

After announcing the trademark repositioning, Aluminum Topal consecutively unveiled Vietnamese aluminum new products. Besides production - supply in the domestic market, Aluminum Topal is actively encroaching on the international field in potential markets such as the US, Canada.Lien launches new products based on practical study from guests The goods show that the life cycle of aluminum products is getting shorter, the speed of rapid change and the level of competition between the company is increasingly fierce, especially in price. Last time, aluminum raw material prices increased rapidly, but finished products increased slowly or did not increase. Meanwhile consumers' requirements are increasingly improved in durability, aesthetics and brand reputation

. And one thing is also easy to see that the aesthetic trend of Vietnamese customers is approaching the world aesthetic trend, when prefering minimalist designs - Simple, without tendency, the new product. Aluminum topal is suitable for modern buildings, helping to maximize the experience space. Understanding customer needs, aluminum topal launches Slima 46 products are products in the popular segment in topa aluminum systems , And Slima 56 is an upgraded version of the synchronous aluminum system
In parallel with 2 new Slima products, aluminum topals also launched the rotary system product with multi-featured design, helping to maximize the Experience Space 56 with a multi-compartment design, using belly gaskets to create firm structure Probably. Besides aluminum construction, aluminum topal also boosted industrial aluminum production for export market with products such as solar battery holder system, vaccine vaccines tube, television frame, refrigerator , Electric cables, electronic details .... Industrial aluminum products are treated according to the surface by anode technology, ensuring high quality international standards such as JIS H8601, JIS H8602, ... with 3 main lines of sand blasting anode, blurred anode and coating ed there High hardness with good resistance to corrosion and abrasion, ensuring long-term aesthetics for products. The yard to the international market in the international market, especially the US and U U are full of potential for Vietnamese aluminum When the demand for aluminum products in these areas is extremely large
Besides, the US and the Union U U have ended aluminum tax disputes, and the application of anti-dumping taxes with Chinese aluminum products has made businesses in the international market tend to shift to the market. NEW, namely Vietnam. This shows that the area for Vietnamese aluminum enterprises to export to international markets is huge with opportunities from free trade agreements. Grasping the opportunity along with the ambition to become a leading aluminum manufacturer in Vietnam, between 2021, overcoming the effects of Covid-19, Aluminum Topal has officially have the first export shipments to markets Large and rigorous schools like the US, Canada, are the choice of many major partners such as components providers for Samsung and some other partners. Export growth opportunities also set out large challenges with love Bridge for quality, supply - production, quality control. But those challenges are also important leverage to help aluminum topals have a step in the process of international integration. Compared to domestic aluminum products, export aluminum products require higher requirements in mold opening, extrusion, machining, surface treatment and product details, ... aluminum topal has enhanced capacity Production force to open a flexible mold, quickly and the system of large capacity extrusion lines, experienced research teams to meet the rigorous requirements from international markets. With re-positioning And strategic changes in the new period, the topal is expected to join Vietnamese-rich Vietnamese enterprises to develop Vietnamese aluminum industry and contribute more to the recovery and general development of the economy. .Thu Nhung

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