‘diamond Quartet’ Official Meeting At The White House

The first direct summit meeting of the quartet group was officially taking place, of which unified views on the situation of Indian Ocean - Pacific and Vaccine Allocation.0: 00/2: 41 male days 24- 9, US leaders, Japan, India and Australia offer unified opinions at the first summit, and emphasize the need for a free-sized Indian Ocean - Pacific region and Wide opening in Chinese concerns are increasing, according to Reuters news agency. The meeting lasts two hours at the White House of the Quartet (unofficial alliances between the US, Japan, India, Australia) focusing on the table. Comment on the situation of Indian Ocean - Pacific and cooperated to allocate Vaccine Covid-19.Although China does not have four leaders mentioned in public speeches, the observers' observers are clear is a top priority

. "We are here, in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region, where we want to be free to be free, where the sovereignty rights of all countries are respected V A where the disputes are addressed peacefully and in accordance with international laws "- Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke at the beginning of the meeting. The quartet leaders had a two-year meeting Now at the White House. Photo: Reuterstrong then, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the meeting showed a strong solidarity between countries and "their solid commitment to a free and open Pacific Indian and open Pacific"
After that, US President Joe Biden told his partners that a capital vaccine initiative was adopted at the group's summit in March, "on the momentum of a billion doses in India to increase The supply ". In the meantime, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this initiative will help many countries in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region. The plan provides a billion nose Covid-19 on Throughout Asia At the end of 2022 stalled after India - the world's largest vaccine producer must stop in April in the context of outbreaks in this country. India said they were ready to restart Vaccine in mid-October, prioritizing the International Vaccine Initiative Covax and neighboring countries. However, both Biden and other leaders do not indicate k Hi The provision of vaccines according to the above initiatives will be started. The meeting takes place only over a week after the US, UK and Australia announced Aukus security treaty, whereby Australia will be provided by the US Running with nuclear energy - a move was opposed by Beijing. Day 24-9, China Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman has criticized the quartet group in a brief meeting, as well as saying that The Aukus Alliance will promote an armed race in the area. After the meeting, Mr. Suga and Mr. Morrison have a common meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris, while Modi left Washington to return to New York United Nations meetings
ong Suga also held a separate meeting with Mr. Biden after the four-party meeting.Theo Reuters, Mr. Suga wanted to discuss with Mr. Biden about China's recent efforts to join Join the Pacific Trade Agreement CPTPP.

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